A Kentuckian's visit with Texas Rangers in February 1839 when Texas was an independent country

"This street led us into a large square. Precisely in its centre towered a massive cathedral in the usual century defying style of Jesuit architecture all over the world. Lights in the windows of a long, low stone building which faced the square designated to us the place we were in search of. We dismounted and entered a well lighted apartment, furnished very much as American bar-rooms usually are and late as it was, fully tenanted. My first impression was that we had entered amongst a crowd of Mexicans but I quickly saw that their complexions were not at all consistent with their costumes. Eight or ten very young looking persons, evidently Americans or Europeons, were promenading the room back and forth, puffing away, every man of them most earnestly at a Mexican "cigaritta," and all dressed in a costume singularly blended of Mexican and American tastes."

The article is from the March 1845 issue of American Whig Review pg 280-289 and can be found in its entirety at


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