ODIN: The Opera is a ground-breaking opera written by world-renowned "junk percussionist" Donald Knaack chronicles the story of Odin, God of the Gods, and Loko, militaristic mastermind with a dirty secret, in the days leading up to the war to end all wars: Ragnarok. The use of a narrator links the epic story to today's modern world and we discover that perhaps the world of ODIN is not that disparate from our own. Vocalists realize the opera with spoken word artistry and singing while preserving the essence, structure, and roots that define opera. The music is played completely on recycled materials by ten amplified percussionists in Donald Knaack's signature style. A new opera is born... be there!

From where we find Odin hanging from the Tree of Life to Loki and Odin's scandalous rendevous in the Love Garden and the Dance of the Valkyries. From the plottings of Odin and the Berserks to the scheming of Loki and The Ice Giants and the final culmination: Ragnarok. ODIN: The Opera is presented in 2 acts and 25 scenes.

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