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Thread: The Value of Colonialism/New World Migration & Establishment

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    Re: Europoid migration....

    Quote Originally Posted by Bridie
    Hmmmm.... I'll have to get back to you on this one. How many will have to have been killed for it to be considered a massacre?? You know.... you could probably Google it and find some massacres.... a bit of light entertainment before bed. (Hey, we all need a hobby! )
    And of course I mean massacres for which you say the British government was responsible.

    Wasn't little Johnny talking about history at high school level though?
    He probably was referring to that in particular but it effects all areas of education.

    At uni level its not so much about learning events, dates etc by reading other historians accounts of it.... its about learning how to source and analyse the info/primary sources for oneself. Sometimes though, various historians interpretations are studied to compare and contrast. Uni students are given the tools to discriminate and analyse. I don't think its what you think it is.
    They don't need to have historians accounts in order to distort the picture. It's worth noting too that these socialists are desperate to put people through university, it's a vital part of their indoctrination process.

    What the hell do you want to hang onto Pommie Land for?
    Another thing worth noting, is that the politicians most desperate for a Republic are the ones pushing multiculturalism and the "Australia is part of Asia" mentality. Don't let them con you

    As for "hanging on to Pommy land", why throw away our traditional ties? Try analysing the people who push this idea, and look at the ideology behind it. In Britain, the people with the same views are trying to chop Britain up and make it dominated by Europe (besides flooding it with "tolerant, diverse and peaceful" immigrants).

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