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Thread: Humanism and Anti-Germanism (by Dietrich Schuler)

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    Thumbs Up Humanism and Anti-Germanism (by Dietrich Schuler)

    The Hour of Creativism

    By Dietrich Schuler

    "Christianity is a trick to turn the strong into the slaves of the weak." - Dietrich Schuler

    Humanism and Anti-Germanism

    Due to a completely wrong world view in its isolation from the spirit of life, Christianity developed a view of man whose disastrous consequences have become visible only in this century. The superstition that all men are created equal, irrespective of national origin, race, sex, level of intelligence and character has led to the equalizing "humanism" that levels off all men to the same lowest denominator, so subsequently thought out to the end will lead to the disappearance of the type "man" altogether. An alledgedly all compassing "human dignity" is preached as if the christian spirit has fallen from heaven, although this spirit is just another expression of a negating state of mind.

    This human dignity is endowed to everyone according to christian and christoid opinion no matter whether the aforementioned person is a tramp at the level of an animal, a sex killer or some other serious criminal or a genial inventer, a great physician or a pioneering economic leader. Yes, the more the human level sinks the louder sound the cries from all sources about the "untouchable human dignity".

    Why not a deer's dignity, a horse's dignity, a lion's dignity? Because it is taken for granted that the fictitious equality and human dignity is applied to all, but on the other hand the visible incapability of inumerable people, tribes and races cannot be ignored, the christian conscience is particularly concerned about the plight of losers, the incapable, the failed, the mentally ill and the groups at the bottom of society, as these people must be victims of a naturally evil world in general and a glaringly social injustice in particular. So even here it turns into an inversion.

    The more ungifted some tribe might be on the great ball called earth, the louder they scream for his well deserved development aid, the more it rises in the moral judgement of christianity and the worldly ideologies based on it. This is the reason for the hardly even more increasable cult of the colored man in the present times. On the other hand the ambitious is always subject to suspicion. Because he is doing fine it is suspected that he is in love with the evil world and that one in him.

    Such is it that disturbs the circles of the christian anti-instinct, and this is the source of the nondeniable antigermanism in the world. Because the German has not lost entirely his industriousness despite so many catastrophies and reeductation, he has been declared the ultimate evil, the entity the world propaganda and every runaway hater can vilify without any social sanctions.

    All the sacrifices he makes for others will not help him, the more he gives the more he sacrifices himself the more he will be hated and scolded. The christian antiinstinct has become the basic state of mind in the world, and its moral obligation always requires to side with the good for nothings and nonworthy losers. And that is why you will never read in a single newspaper a single word stating that the misery and chaos of the "developing countries" might be the result of their own fault.

    In addition it comes that the Christian concept of man is dishonest in itself. Its ambiguity lies in its elevation of man as the only species among millions of others as the image of God, but presses him however at the same time to the level of a serf, a worm, to the nothing. Everything outside of human nature is not considered in Christianity. It can be raped and exploited, and this is an important comment to the ecological catastrophe that the earth has to suffer.

    The pronounced esteem for nature and animals one can observe in many parts of Europe has nothing to do with Christianity and is typically Germanic in its origin. It is a tragic misery made possible by the long duration of Christianity that characteristics are constantly assigned to Christianity which are not based on it at all. As already has been mentioned since the Europeans have adopted the Nazarean teachings they constantly associate their most sacret believes with this religion: A reverse theft with the worst consequences.

    Christianity despises the nonhuman world, it is hardly existent for it. Everything is dedicated with the genuine desert mentality to the only existent God and his humanism. Simply put: Christianity behaves racist towards plants and animals, but egalitarian within the realm of humankind.

    It would be now a rough misunderstanding to assume that we creatists want to expand the much critisized equality cult to the realm of plants and animals, which would be utter nonsense in its entirety. Humans clearly as a species certainly possess a superior rank in nature and therefore also determined privileges, what does not relieve him however of his obligation to bear full responsibility and concern for this nature.

    Second creatism claims that many representatives of the human species can fall far below the level of an animal because the more highly a species actually ranks the more diverse the possibilities for their degeneration will become. Pets such as cat and dog can degenerate more strongly than an ant. And third creatism believes that the hierarchical basic principle of nature likewise applies to humans like everywhere else and that it is actually wrong to talk of only one kind of people.

    Due to the reversal of values and the anti-instinct which is inherent in it and out of necessity Christianity while breaking in from the south had to be anti-Germanic. The young noneducated peoples in the north of Europe, Teutons, Celts, Slavs and Balts embodied everything that ran contrary to Christian basic believes: This life cult, heathen joy of existence, complete impartiality toward the Sexus and due to that therefore a high moral conduct, strength, military spirit, loyality and natural superiority.

    Otherworldliness met this life ethics. In particular the Christian messengers spread right from the beginning hate against Germanness, which they devalued as heathen barbarianism. A picture was drawn by mindless bull horn and bear skin wearers who would be nothing else than robbers, boozers and killers without a culture. What has already be sown 1200 years ago has borne its full lethal fruit only in the 20th Century.

    The major effect of anti-German propaganda before, during and after the two world wars, even coming from the the Germans themselves, is rooted in this. So far only the surface has been scratched of the war and atrocity agitation of the 20th Century. European history seen through the eyes of the collective psychology and their laws regarded, can be drawn briefly in such a way: The peoples and tribes who had arrived once in the course of centuries and thousands of years as Teutons or Indoeuropeans from the European center and the north into the peripheral zones of Europe and who formed numerous states there, experienced a sense of transplantation that gradually developed into a hate against their own old centre in the heart of Europe.

    Because in the border states they had been in connection with other cultures. The breaking in Christianity supplied the mental weapons for the fight of these peoples against their own origin. In particular the German-English contrast became the actual tragedy of Europe in the 20th Century. People never knew in Germany that the Englishmen always considered themselves as a part of the Christian latin world, but never as Teutons.

    The prominent men of the 3rd Reich made a tragic mistake. The British wanted to be Celts, Romans or even descendants of Israeli tribes, but under no circumstances Teutons. With respect to the refusal and devaluation of Germanness as a "teutonic" barbarianism they were no different from the Frenchmen or Italians, although England retained half of its Germanic language.

    Everywhere the "ex Oriente lux" prevailed, i.e. the conception that all culture, civilization itself originates from the Orient. The fact is crucial that the Christianization of Germany essentially started from France and England. In romanized Gaul and romanized Britain the later Germanic tribes of the Angels, Saxons, Franks, Burgunders, Wikingers and Normans settling there christianized and romanized too. All these recent, still infant Teuton tribes had not been up to the refined dialectic spirit of the Orient. Are they up to it today?

    The fact that the socalled "Apostel of the Germans", Bonifatius, was an Anglosaxon named Winfried has never been understood in its whole symbolic meaning, let alone appreciated. Likewise Lioba, a relative of Winfried, was an Anglosaxon. Then the Isish-Scottish monks were involved. From 1914 to 1945 England has for the second time felled the Donar's oak. It has alway been fellow Teutons who chained their comrades.

    And with this spirit of Bonifatius the Popes and the ultramontanist parties conducted an anti-German, Reich-hostile policy. In the same way the alienated Western Franks led the Christianization of the European center. The notorious words of the bishop of Reims still come to mind when he led the baptism of the Frankish king Chlodwig that shed a light on what happened with the arrival of Christianity: "bend your head proud Sugambrian, burn the ideals which you prayed to, and what you burned pray to!"

    And in such a way late emperor Charlemagne broke the resistance of the freedom loving heathen Saxons and let their noblemen get butchered. It is not a coincidence that it was a French cleric who coined the key word "Vandalism" by that not only this Teuton tribe but all Teutons have been constantly insulted.

    It is the same spirit of Bonifatius that let the papal Nuntius Alexander explain at the Reich Council at Worms: "If the Germans set themselves free from the Roman yoke then we will ensure that they will put each other to death." Thus spoken 100 years before the 30 years war.

    The sarcastic arrogant tone that nearly always stepped out in England and France, as soon as there is talk about anything German goes back to the time of Christianization. And this anti-Germanism has already spread to the south and the east, in particular to catholic Poland. As a basic tendency it is prevalent today in the whole world.

    The allied atrocity agitation of the two world wars in which the German was disparaged as a Hun, barbarian, Boche and a Kraut, thus frightening to the light, was only the brightly up-blazing hell flame of 1500 years of nonstop anti-Germanism expired... It would be however a total mischaracterization of the deep layer of this anti-Germanism if one ignores its Christian root.

    Thus e.g.... the Jesuit Vaugham in London demanded in 1915 from the pulpit down the "crusade of entire mankind against Prussia Germany": "we are ready to give our lives for the Christian faith, for the fall of Thorburn and Odin, that Prussian militarism esteems more highly than Christ." Here the origins become completely clear, and also in 2nd World war Eisenhower led his well know "crusade in Europe".

    In the First World War Horatio Bottomley, the then most popular journalist of England in his "John bulletin" spoke only of the "Germ Huns", thus hunnic vermin. The French historian J. Bainville, who wrote the "history of two peoples" that had hundreds of editions, stated still in 1921 that the contribution of Germany to human culture was "zero" until Goethe. Apparently this educated Frenchman had heard neither of Kopernikus nor Kepler, nor of a Duerer. Nor of Nikolaus of Kues, Albertus Magnus, Bach, Haendel, Joh. Gutenberg or Regiomontanus...

    The always religiously colored, christian derived anti-Germanism is whole and irrational. The reality is not possible for it at all. The expression of Lord Vansittart is extremely characteristic of the most drilled Germanhater, to be for Europe always means to be against Germany. Naturally the exact opposite is correct, and it will take still another while, until also the stupidest ones notice that the destruction of the German people means inevitably not only the end of Europe, but the entire white race.

    Since however Jesus was not the Christos, his wrong theory in the end had to lead to the complete mental aberration and misconception of reality. While the opposite side led a crusade against the German people, innumerable ordinary Germans believed in both world wars that they defended Christianity against bolshevism and western immorality. The folling events proved then drastically on which side the 'Christian God' stands.

    On 11th January 1918 e.g. the New Yorker Herold issued a lecture of the Evangelists at Sunday, in which it said: 'you know, o Lord that no nation is as infamous, mean, greedy, lustful and bloodthirsty as our enemies. Take your powerful arm, o God, and smash the hungry wolfish huns (Germans), their catch teeth of dripping blood, and we will praise you. Amen!' Which despicableness - and how much stupidity - speaks from this pious drivel: Thus Germany had been put down in the 1st World war. And ever more clearly the terrible certainty meets us: Christianity is our misfortune!

    If "world propaganda" can succeed to turn certain peoples, systems or statesmen into monster figures of a black satanic force then facts play no more role: The "Satan" is always guilty. One only has to think here of the hysteria which was provoked world-wide against the Saddam Hussein's Iraq, that was not coincidentally continuously compared with Hitler. The entire hate campaign of 1990/91 applied even far more to Germany than to the insignificant Iraq.

    The principle is always the same whether it about the "chopped off children hands" of the 1st World war or about the alleged burned babies in Kuwait. The opponent is an incarnation of evil, all aggressions of the good and fair however is holy-spoken from the beginning on. The enemies of the bad are sacred, they cannot do injustice.

    The mechanized lie rolls every resistance down; no reality can do anything against it. "Mankind" will remain a stupid herd of sheep that finally knows about good and evil: The logical consequence of 2000 years of Christianity, of eastern revelation religion at all. The American form of democracy is styled into a salvation theory where no doubt is permitted.

    In the 20th Century no policy was operated from the Anglo-Saxon side based on rational criteria, but at the most a political theology with an anti-German basic attitude. Yes, the entire anti-Germanism is a religious prejudice, and this solidified itself from generation to generation according to a kind of dogma. Germany has been branded as 'the empire of evil'.

    With the puritan faith the chosen myth of the old testament merged perfectly with the anglo-saxon spirit both in Great Britain and in the USA. Before and during the 2nd World war official Germany looked on the Reich hostile publicity working of the Jews in the world.

    The fact however that e.g. the anglican church exceeded the Jews in anti-German meanness in many ways was mostly overlooked or one did not want to admit it... Hitler was the only foreign statesman who could be considered as a genuine friend of England, its Empires and British supremacy and therefore was dreaming of a federation between Germany and England, while Roosevelt and Stalin wanted to liquidate all European colonial empires, what they implemented in the post war era.

    In the meantime even the Russian colonial empire faded away. The natural proclivity to rule of Anglo-Saxons has long withered away in favor of Yahwism and has been completely whiped out... Thus today even small demands like ... the natural demand for the equalization of the German language with English and French in the EU committees are sufficient in order to kindle the simmering anti-Germanism immediately into the brightest glow.

    The fact of Christian humanism against Germanness has however still another, i.e. internal component, which affects the soul of the German even more. Because since his Christianization the German carries a deep scar in the middle of his heart. This split becomes visible during our whole history, it divides the people, its tribes, the parties and each individual German, if he did not overcome Christianity.

    And if we do not want to perish miserably we must remove the poisonous apple from Snow-white's throat. The tremendous fact is that the German bore this agonizing split of the soul for over 1500 years since. His Thulean soul never disappeared completely and always was in a struggle with the strange Christian spirit. More than even among the Scandinavians has the consciousness of the Germanic birth never expired completely from the German mind and it is still alive and a certain pride in his nordic origin still lingers on in the German.

    The transplanted peritheral peoples on the other hand erased all things Germanic from their consciousness, considered themselves as Latins and otherwise mediteranian Christian with a pronounced front position against the Germanic center of Europe.

    And even our dropped brothers, the Swiss and the Dutchmen, adopted a foolish hostility toward the Reich. And the Christian spirit pressed against our own Thulean soul, pushing it back, suspecting it and making the Germans in disagreement with themselves, so that they bent ever more to inferiority complexes and submissiveness, although no other people of the world exceeds it in creative strength.

    Every talent was missing among the German to put his own achievements into the public eye the way the Frenchmen would do it. He rather hid them as if it would be something embarassing to put them out. He distrusted even his creative acts because the Christian moral always taught the reservation against ones own nature and the German with his earnest takes things more conscientiously.

    So what Johannes Scherr wrote in the last century about the German Catholic, applies to the German Christian in general - here not in the sense of the organization of same name during the 3rd Reich:

    "... from this it explained that the honest German catholic in the highest results of the German culture sees something strange, even something hostile. That is very sad but it is like that. And because of that, Germany's pride and fame in its science and its literature cannot be shared by a honest German catholic who finds that even annoying. So he cannot be a convinced Patriot, but at best a Tyrolean, a Bavarian, a Swabian, or a Westphalean one. The ideal unity of the nation in the German soul is not existent for him."

    Scherr was even catholic baptized. Even as an all-German Patriotism developed and strengthened in the decades up to 1914, then nevertheless the two world wars were lost before they began: They were psychologically lost. Old heroic courage of the German soldier could not change it.

    For the allied world that pretended to fight for democracy as a symbol of heavenly Jerusalem, there could not be a Central European mission. The hypocrisy of the allies was considered honesty for the world, the honesty of the Germans was only regarded as hypocrisy. How could the conventional demand of the Germans in 1914 that they also deserved "a place at the sun" succeed against the salvation teachings of its adversaries?

    And in such a way the disaster of 1945 met the Germans with full force. Their Thulean soul was put on narcosis. The German only saw himself with self hate. He became a reverse chauvinist. The German became his own enemy. The guilt syndrome, a characteristic with a typically christoid origin, suppresses any reason.

    The reeducated German was turned into a mad dog, which barks at its own shade nonstop. Everyone who makes only the quietest attempt to speak for the German people and the historical truth will be met by Christians and patent democrats falling on him like a hornet swarm. It is as if one takes their dearest toy away from them. The "Zeitgeist" turns with all means against the truth, in particular if truth speaks in favor of the German people.

    The anti-Germanism which advanced both from the outside and from the inside overwhelmed the Germans nearly in their entirety. Only the hardest core resists.

    - Dietrich Schuler, Die Stunde des Kreatismus. Von der notwendigen Überwindung des Christentums (1993),

    [Dietrich Schuler, The hour of creatism. Of the necessary overcoming of Christianity (1993)]

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    I also would stress the antagonism between old Occidental, Indo-European world-feeling and beliefs and the Oriental originated Christianity that still remained even when Christianity was Occidentalized.

    But I wonder if an "overcoming of Christianity" is really the topic number one in this world of the year 2003. The "humanist" and "egalist" ideas which were "Western"-liberal ideology in the two wars against Germany and which rule today are the secular "enlightened" ones of 1789, even if they have got their roots in their opponent Christianity.

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