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Thread: Oranjewerkers and the Hooglandaksie

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    Very interesting links, Frans! Thank you.

    I don't know how realistic this is, though. Besides, the current SA government would never give away even a square inch of land for Afrikaners for their own homeland. They are currently laughing at us, because we are helpless. It will be virtually impossible for this to happen. People who invision this, have nice dreams. It will never happen.

    Let's hope AIDS follows its course. Then maybe the whole of South Africa will be the property of the Afrikaner

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Solar Wolff View Post
    Please forgive me. I really don't read Afrikans. But I have a question regarding your survival. In 1995 Peter Hounam and Steve McQuillan wrote a book, "The Mini-Nuke Conspiracy" subtitled: "Mandela's Nuclear Nightmare". Maybe you have read it.
    I heard of a book fitting that description in 1993 - So the script must be older.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Solar Wolff View Post
    If not, it's points are that SA developed many more nuclear weapons than they disclosed. Some were very small, highly sophisticated, sub-critical-mass, "mini-nukes". The second point was that these weapons were not all destroyed. That, in fact, certain right-wing Boer organizations kept them and keep them today for emergencies. As well as some nukes, they kept some jet aircraft to deliver them.
    They in fact had material for more bombs. And for that matter - There were many weapons that vanished in 1994.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Solar Wolff View Post
    My memory is that it was called the Broederschaft but I am thinking of the German word Bruderschaft, so my memory may not be 100%.
    Is this possible?
    There is an organization called the Broederbond. The correct word for what you mentioned would be Broederskap. What's written in that book is of course fiction.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Solar Wolff View Post
    Also, why aren't the Transvaal and Orange Free State simply designated White Homelands?
    That's where I would say the claim would be strongest - The subject is discussed in other threads here.
    "And God proclaims as a first principle to the rulers, and above all else, that there is nothing which they should so anxiously guard, or of which they are to be such good guardians, as of the purity of the race. They should observe what elements mingle in their offspring;..." Plato Politeia


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