It is noteworthy that none of the following components are transient; they are not mere whims of fashion. The following list of origins was arrived upon:

• Malleability. Immigrant males are generally more responsive to signals and easier for females to manipulate. (Darwin: "It is generally admitted that with woman the powers of intuition, of rapid perception, and perhaps of imitation, are more strongly marked than in man; but some, at least, of these faculties are characteristic of the lower races, and therefore of a past and lower state of civilisation." Descent of Man, 2nd ed., p. 858.) Further, some immigrant males have been observed to deliberately play on their docility (e.g. Negroes making "baby eyes"), which the female finds appealing and to which she responds.

• Affection Beneath. The underlying mechanism by which caretaking instincts are inspired is Affection Beneath; it is obviously inappropriate to seek to protect something or someone that is more powerful than you. Females seek to monopolize Affection Beneath. The immigrant's reduced status (accounting in part for his malleability), which many whites deny but which is plainly apparent to him, is allied to Affection Beneath. All the obstacles which females place in the path of their own males, and they are many, can appear to magically disappear in the case of an immigrant male because of AB.

• First and Second Level Mental (also called Psychic) Assaults (see Table 3). The Second Level Mental Assault (SLMA) involves males of alien race, the First Level Mental Assault (FLMA) does not. The coloured male provides the female with the ability to Mental Assault at the most potent level, the SLMA. This is such a powerful weapon that the female cannot resist progressively exploiting it. Clearly there is a role for the FLMA in providing an impetus for sublimation, by which males redirect their sexual energy to the production of high art, science and the like, but the SLMA appears to have no redeeming features whatever. It might be suggested that by introducing foreign genes the female is furthering an evolutionary dynamic, and re-masculinizing the race, but this argument is invalidated by the Double Reinforcement of Female Characteristics (DRoFC): the notion that non-Occidental males naturally possess female characteristics. Even some Occidental males can express female characteristics (e.g. homosexual males, monogamous males).

The SLMA is capable of arousing intense distaste in males, however subconsciously that sense has been submerged, and this is another method by which sex can be limited and its value raised. The female policy is to raise the costs of sex, the male instinct is to lower it. By the SLMA the male is confounded and rendered yet more susceptible to manipulation. It is one of many procedures which the female executes personally but with considerable benefit to females generally (the conspiracy policy). She derives satisfaction from following her instincts in this way and by further depriving her own males of sex she is collectively increasing female power and the control and influence they can exact.

Females' explorations with immigrants, which may initially be for novelty, become a self-perpetuating cycle. After the period of novelty has passed, only immigrant males allow females the level of control and increased latitude to which they become accustomed. Put another way, the revulsion this and their other behaviour (deriving from their increased power, Item 1) arouses in their menfolk becomes such that only immigrants will put up with them.

• Release from neurosis. The female finds the immigrant's less neurotic nature attractive because it satisfies her longing for a release from neurosis. (Neurosis is defined in this system as the condition which arises when one stimulus evokes two or more responses, and is obviously associated with the production of high art, science and the like.) It is comparable to one of the reasons for the female affinity for animals, the clarity and unambiguity of their signals.

• Maintenance of heterogeneity; IoR. Another likely factor is that a female taking an immigrant male is a short cut to IoR (the Indulgence of Romance, a mechanism evolved by females to raise the costs of sex and promote long-term bonding; for IoR to be invoked some intangible 'specialness' must be achieved). In ancient times females would have had much less control over their choice of partner, many having been promised to a male since childhood under an arrangement (even a tacit one) with her family. In these circumstances it was incumbent on the female to introduce different genes to prevent excessive inbreeding, say within the confines of a village or small town.

A male from a remote area would seem foreign and attractive to her and would also, having navigated a considerable distance on foot, or possessing a horse, be likely to be exceptional, an alpha-male. Such a union would be evolutionarily advantageous for her and considerable effort might be required to extricate herself from her existing commitments. She may also be in competition with other females of her settlement having the same objective. The male in these circumstances, although perceived as foreign, would only have travelled a couple of hundred miles and would be of the same basic stock as her. Now however females apply these instincts to males who come not from scores of miles away but thousands, and are of completely alien stock.

One report, which is unverified, is of Celtic women dancing naked on a hilltop while their menfolk battled a challenging tribe below. Whatever the outcome, the women could be confident of being ravished by the victors. For the female, two males fighting for her might be the ultimate in IoR.

• Guilt. It has been stated that atonement is necessary for former colonial sins. This is a pretext, a decades-old guilt-trip and an application of Proposition 8 of PA, that the female will use any argument, however ridiculous, if it suits her purpose. If there is female guilt requiring absolution its origins are likely to be rather more obvious. At best this argument is an application of another female characteristic, the Inability to Egress (e.g. avoiding resolution, a hatred of ultimatums; it facilitates the acquisition of the best possible mate). It is also an attempt to judge these supposed former sins, which took place amid a background of barbarity, by modern standards. It is an expression of Vicarious Generosity: Giving away, often enthusiastically, something which is not one's to give. Everything the female is for, biologically, is given away. By corrupting her blood-line, hundreds of thousands of years of genetic lineage is destroyed.

It constitutes a Challenge, a blatant form of the Challenge Signal. Challenges demand a response, and can be a subconscious appeal for subjugation. Proposition 2 of PA states that the status of the female is proportional to the status of the male she can attract. It weakens and distributes a marker: the involvement of belonging to the same folk. Females prefer signals and tokens, because they are ambiguous and therefore manipulative, while males favour markers and handles because they are unambiguous and often involve the wealth that he creates.

It weakens a prospective handle: the expectation of pairing with a member of the same folk.