"Gammal fäbodpsalm" (Old Chalet hymn from Dalarna) is an old Swedish
folk hymn.

A "fäbod" is a small house by the pastureland, often deep within the
forest, where our women brought the cattle in the summertime.

This hymn is based on a sound system which these women used to call
their cattle. The women sung with a special high-pitched voice which
would be heard from a long distance. This is allegedly the oldest and
most typical Swedish music style.

The hymn is mixed with spiritual music and is always played at
funerals in Sweden. It sounds absolutely amazing through those huge
Church organs!

Unfortfunately, I haven't found any good MP3s on the web, but this
Real Audio-clip will give you an idea of this hymn. Some claim you can
feel the presence of nature's spirit in this music. :-)