Three years ago a young boy and patriot was slaughtered by an “anti-racist” gang in Salem, outside of Stockholm. The next day we set the date for a memorial and in 6 days we gathered 1,000 people that walked in silence and lightened the dark night with their torches. This was done the two following years. The year after we were 1,200 people and the year after that we were 1,600 people. This year we are expecting 2,000 people.

Yesterday we released the official information about the gathering on a new site which is connected to the site that represent the fund we started one and a half year ago, which will be the official organizer of the event. The funds site is http://www.salemfonden.info. You can read about the murder there in many languages. If you’re not represented, please contact me if you can translate some of our article to your language. Also, I would appreciate if you could help me translate this years information to your languages. The url to the information for this years march is www.salemfonden.info/2003. Its only in Swedish now but it will be translated and it will be updated with maps for people who doesn’t know there way around Stockholm and its suburbs, such as foreigners.

Well, the information is this: We will gather Saturday the 6th of December, 16.00 Swedish time. It will be at a train station called Ronninge, (Pendeltagstation). We will walk to the spot were our comrade was killed and then light our candles, put down our flowers and listen to speeches. What I want of you is to publish this info on your sites and spread the word to your kinsmen. You are all welcome to participate in this march against the insanity of the Swedish government and the treason against its own people.

Mail me if you have any questions. Also mail me if you can help me with translation of this years information. If you can I will mail you an English translation.

For the 14 words,

Robert Vesterlund,