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Thread: Free Energy and The Black Sun

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    Free Energy and The Black Sun

    Found this in a Yahoo group on Miguel Serrano. The one who posted it there called himself Rafael Andrés Escribano

    On Geometry and Advanced Energy Conversion
    Patrick Bailey, INE President
    March 1996

    There are quite a few areas in which the idea of the use of a particular
    geometry has overlapped with the advanced energy areas. Here is a summary of
    what I can remember off of the top of my head:

    1. The Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt, was built about the same time as the
    Sphinx, and I think it was definitely built way, way before the other
    structures there. It has a full base to height ratio of 2 to SQRT(Phi),
    where Phi is the Golden Ratio and is equal to (1+SQRT(5))/2. That gives an
    internal triangle with sides of 1-to-SQRT(Phi)-to-Phi. Several experimenters
    have noticed that four-sided pyramids build with this ratio exhibit strange
    properties when a base is aligned perpendicular to local magnetic north. I
    have not seen many papers on exact EM experimental results of the effects of
    this geometry, and perhaps we should! This would be a great idea for
    elementary and high school science projects!

    I also note that when a pyramid of this exact shape is cut along the base
    and along the edges and unfolded, one gets the Templar Cross. Coincidence?

    2. The number Phi is also very interesting from a resonance point of view.
    What number does one get when they complete the series:

    1 + ( 1 / (1 + 1 / (1 + 1 / 1 + ... )))

    The number Phi. Resonance is a key factor in the many Chambers in the Great
    Pyramid, also in the Egyptian temples at Luxor, and in nuclear physics, and
    in quantum mechanics! Also, that's how lasers work - by getting the right

    And, as everyone should know, the great Fibonacci sequence:

    Ni+1 = Ni + Ni-1

    where you select any two starting numbers, like 1 and 2, to get the

    1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, etc.

    always (and I mean always!) will converge to a specific value for Ni+1/Ni
    (regardless of whatever two numbers you start with), and that converged
    value is Phi!

    This series and it's convergence is seen in Nature all of the time. Get it?
    It's Natural! It just works.

    3. The number Phi is usually represented as a "Golden Mean Spiral",
    consisting of several connected one-quarter circles, where each successive
    circle has a radius of the previous circle divided by Phi, connected at the
    ends of the quarter circle. That is really not a true spiral, and is just a
    geometrical construct that looks nice in books.

    A true Golden Mean Spiral (linear with angle) would have the equation:

    Ri(Ti) = Ri(0) * [ (1.0 - x) + x / Phi)];

    where: x = Ti / 360.0; and: 0.0 .LE. Ti .LE. 360.0 for each circular
    revolution i;


    Ri+1(0) = Ri(360).

    That way, one would get a continuously decreasing spiral, whose (r,theta)
    radius Ri at each angle theta (Ti) during revolution i would come back and
    cross the theta = 0 axis at (1/Phi)*Ri(0) during each revolution. This
    "true" "Golden Mean Spiral" has very little in common with the former one

    However, this spiral does look a lot like the one in the "Geometry of
    Harmonics" that Victor Schauberger is reported to have used when he
    developed his flying disks and free-machine technologies during the 1930's
    and 1940's. I have a videotape that shows a three-dimensional surface, with
    a circular x-y cross section, and a specific y-z curve (x increasing as z
    goes down) where a specific spiral-type curve is drawn upon that surface,
    going around it, as z varies. The videotape says (in German) that particular
    3-D shaped curve is VERY important! I would love to have more information on
    that subject! Perhaps the Templars or the Knight Templars know of this?

    As a Knight Templar myself, I am asking other Knights world-wide for
    specific information!

    3. Much has been made of "Tetrahedronal Geometry." This has recently been
    popularized in this country by Richard Hoagland, who has noticed that any
    tetrahedron drawn inside a sphere will touch the sphere at a latitude of
    about (+/-) 19.5 degrees, and this is where he says most or all of the
    pyramids are build upon the Earth, where the Great Spot is on Jupiter, and
    maybe there are links to the Cydonia pyramid complex that is said to exist
    on Mars. I don't know. I have not checked these data.

    However, the tetrahedron is the first and simplest of the five Platonic
    Solids, and the geometry of each inside of a sphere should be well known.
    And, each of these solids can just and exactly fit into another one, giving
    rise to a nested set of solids within solids, all within their own sphere.
    The number Phi, of course, runs all through these solids. I am trying to
    find a good book that summarizes all of the mathematical geometry of these
    inter-linked solids! If anyone knows of one, let me know!

    The tetrahedron has also been promoted in a religious field by Drunvalo
    Melchizedek in his recent teachings. He says that a human's energy field is
    primarily composed of two interlocking tetrahedron's, one up, one down and
    turned 30 degrees, all inside one sphere, and that the activation of a
    person's energy field, or "Merkaba", depends upon how you spin those two
    tetrahedrons and at what speed. This is all very interesting, especially
    when you consider that a side view of that energy field would look like a
    six-pointed "Star of David." It really isn't, due to the 3-D shape, and the
    horizontal lines would be closer to the center, and so also the side points.
    I have calculated the exact projected 2-D shape of the 3-D solid in this

    The idea of Platonic Solids being specific resonance harmonics of each other
    has probably not been considered by many researchers or mathematicians.

    4. According to a couple of videotapes I have (that are said to have been
    produced in Austria) scientists in Germany and Austria are said to have
    isolated and used a "Free Energy" source of power during the 1930's and
    1940's that came from "The Black Sun". According to these videotapes, the
    Thule Society was created before and was then absorbed into the German
    Nationalist Party during this time. The Vrill Corporation was the research
    arm of the Thule Society and was responsible for the manufacture of
    anti-gravity disks and free-energy generators that used this energy. The
    "Black Sun Society" was the technical group that perfected this technology,
    which was used to a limited extent by the Third Reich during the Second
    World War. Where it went after that (South America and Antarctica by U-Boat,
    Admiral Byrd?) (Western Canada by train, Kenneth Arnold?) and where it is
    now (???) is anyone's guess. (Although I think some people DO know.)

    The theory here is that there is an unseen flow of energy through space,
    from a specific direction in space, that comes toward and passes through the
    Earth, that can be harnessed and used for levitation and energy conversion
    devices. I would also love more information on these subjects!!!

    5. Several experimenters that I know of have said that the results of their
    experiments have depended on the time of the day, and even on the time of
    the year.
    This has been said by Sparky Sweet and several others. Sparky noted that his
    best results came when Leo was directly overhead, and once asked me why.

    Perhaps there is a flow of some sort of "free-energy" that comes from a
    specific region of space that could be used if we could only measure it,
    accumulate it, and then convert it.

    Perhaps the use of specific geometrical shapes is a key in this accumulation
    and conversion process. This is beginning to sound like some of the theories
    of Wilhelm Reich with Orgonne Energy, and of T. Henry Morey with his
    free-energy device in the 1930's, is it not? Coincidence???

    These ideas are important and should NOT be discounted!

    So, who wants to pursue these theories and get some hard data? I do!

    Contact Dr. Bailey at: P.O. Box 201, Los Altos, CA 94023-0201,
    "I have reached these lands but newly
    From an ultimate dim Thule
    From a wild weird clime, that lieth, sublime,
    Out of SPACE — out of TIME
    Edgar Allan Poe

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    Re: Free Energy and The Black Sun

    The Golden Ratio, I believe also called the Golden Section, is indeed a very big part of the Schaubergian votex but also it is a part of any vortex. The Black Sun, a black hole in my estimation, is at the center of the largest vortex, the gallaxy. All gallaxies have a black hole at their center. All gallaxies spin and form a vortex according to the Golden Ratio.

    The Merkaba is the Jewish (Kaballah) representation of a concept. The figure "8" is another way to represent this idea. Also, the Iron Cross or Balkan Cross or whatever it is called in German is exactly the same idea as is the mumbo-jumbo of the American astronomer who sees things on Mars. Representing inside a circle is the next step in its clarification as it is more concrete this way.

    The idea is that energy comes in through the ends. Think of a bar magnet. The poles of the magnet draw in energy. We are given the example of the north and south poles and the Northern Lights (and Southern Lights) and told these are ions. This is only a tiny part of the story. Magnets are portals for aether energy. Aether flows into a bar magnet and that is why it attracts. This is "accelleration" just like gravity only under a much smaller and restricted scale. Anyway, if energy is coming it, it has to go out. Where does it go out on a bar magnet? At the center where the magnetic field does not exist. At the very point where north changes to south, here it exits at right angles to the magnetic field. This point is called a Bloch Wall.

    Now imagine the earth. The north and south poles input energy. The energy comes out at the equator. As with Schauberger and his air vortex, air is matter and only traces the direction of the energy. The earth is also matter and the motion associated with earth's Bloch Wall is motion. The earth spins at 1000 miles per hour, following the equator. No planet, earth or otherwise, has its poles on the spinning equator.

    So, imagine the bar magnet and then add a cross-piece at the center to indicated outflow of energy--this is the Iron Cross shape. Or imagine energy coming in at the top and bottom of the number "8" and, at the center --the narrow waist--imagine the energy going out. The Merkaba is a star. The top and bottom points of the star input and the horizontal points are exit points for this energy---no big mystery here.

    Now imagine the cross or merkaba inside a circle. The circle is the earth. Again, inputs at the top, exists at the sides.

    I have seen the video films involved: UFO Secrets of the 3rd Reich---UFOs Geheimnis des Dritten Reiches and UFOs Schlaegt das dritte Reich Zurueck?
    They were both done by Ralf Ettl and Norbert Juergen-Ratthofer with some help from their friends. One Australian video man who got rights for the "Schlaegt Zurueck" film met with business representatives of the company producing the film and what he claims were representatives of the New Templars who pulled the strings behind the scenes.

    All "free energy" machines work using the same ideas as a black hole works. Their are two big problems. First is starting the machine. Hans Coler had real trouble with this, so did Schappller who kept it secret, so does every inventor of a free energy machine. The other big problem is shutting it off. You might recall the Serle Disc, a 1950s flying saucer model made of permanent magnets, it just took off and kept on going up out of sight.

    To begin the energy flow, some people suspect a second source is used such as radium or uranium, etc. To stop the flow, the energy input has to be disrupted. An antenne was used by the Germans in their flying discs as a way to disrupt the input and stop the machine. A German engineer tells me that he can tell by the shape and positioning of the antenna if the alleged flying saucer picture is real of fake.

    Actually, the Black Sun involves compression of matter, vortex, re-radiation, aether energy, and gravity--gravity as a push not a pull, and gravity shielding. Gravity shielding is what matter does and some of this aether energy is changed by matter into other forms of energy and a tiny bit of aether is changed into matter itself. This implication is that earth is growing. This all makes sense considering Plate Techtonics and the fact that abduction is greater than subduction. This whole concept is interwound into a Unified Field theory. The Merkaba--Iron Cross and the Block Wall are just the input and output components. But just as the earth re-radiates aether energy, so does a black hole (Black Sun) but on such a large scale that we can't even imagine.

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    Vril and Occult Free Energy

    The Philadelphia Experiment is said to have been carried out by the U.S. Navy to test invisibility and manipulate space-time. Did Nikola Tesla help create the worlds first time machine? Is free energy technology being suppressed?

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    VRIL is LIFEFORCE, so is REIKI, the techniques used in Vril Healing are being kept secret,
    fortunately these techniques can be reconstructed from Reiki! In level 1 Reiki the Reiki
    flow channeled through the body is initiated by FEELING compassion for your subject and is
    stopped by FEELING gratitude to the source, IT'S A BODY THING!

    In level 2 Reiki the Reiki flow is imprinted with Kangi, concepts embodied within a Japanese
    charactor that are drawn from Japanese mythology, Kangi are directly analogous to the
    Armanen Runes. I am in the final stage of becoming a reiki Master Practitioner and I have in
    the past channeled Vril charged with Armanen Runes to heal some of my friends with good effect.
    Healing is an ideal way to learn to control Vril.

    It is believed that Third Reich engineers mechanised the production of vast amounts of Vril.
    An Austrian Jew, Wilhelm Reich, renamed Vril to Orgone, most of his research is plagerised
    Vril research. The German researcher Karl Welz, , has developed
    machines that produce orgone (Vril) by magneticaly stimulating an epoxy-iron compound he calls
    "ORGONITE (R)". Welz techniques for controling Orgone are very similar to those of Reiki!
    I hope this helps.

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