He can't be cop because he's white


A hero soldier who served in Iraq and Bosnia has been rejected by his local police force because he is a white male. Mark Gough, 25, had wanted to be a cop since his teens but joined the Army for “life experience” first. He served six years with the 3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery and his unit was among the first into Iraq in the 2003 toppling of Saddam.

The dad of one did six months in Basra before leaving the Army and applying to the police. He passed a preliminary course with flying colours and was described by some serving officers as a “perfect candidate”. But Mark’s application to the Gloucestershire force was turned down.

And his shock turned to anger when he learned he was one of 109 white male hopefuls rejected, while minority groups and women had sailed through. Every black, Asian and female applicant was invited to interview, but two-thirds of the white males were rejected.
Mark, who lives with wife Amanda, 29, in Quedgely, said: “I’m surprised I’ve been judged on the fact I’m a white male.

Armed service ... Mark in Iraq

“I can only assume I was one of the 109 because we aren’t women or part of a minority group.” The force had 301 applications for 192 vacancies. All 109 rejected were white males, leaving 63 to go through, along with all 129 female and ethnic minority applicants.
Gloucestershire Police said it was its duty to create a force representative of local minorities, although just 2.8 per cent of the county’s population is from an ethnic minority.

Assistant Chief Constable Michael Matthews said: “This positive action will undoubtedly mean disappointment for others.”