I was reading about the Tarim Basin mummies when I came across the Bai people of China. Very interesting. They seem to be the mixed remnants of a white people in Yunnan China. Also notice the similarites of Heman, Baiman and Bairen to Aryan.

"The Bai ethnic group has had a long history. Its ancestors used to be called "Kunming" in the Han and Jin dynasties. In successive dynasties, they were named "Heman", "Baiman" and "Bairen". Since the founding of the P.R.C, they have been formally named the "Bai" ethnic group because of their worship of the color white.

"The Bai people prefer the color white. Men like to wear white shirts while Women's clothing differs from place to place. Women in the Dali region wear white shirts, and red waistcoats. All Bai people wear a piece of sheepskin. "


and an interesting passage from a Bai cultural website.

"Before that their origins are unclear, though the BaiMan people (literally 'White Barbarians') are their probable ancestors. The widely held belief that they are related to the Thai has long been discredited."