Regarding the origins of our white race in N W Europe I would like to make the following observations from a thread in The Celtic Realm section.

I don't agree with the theory that the Picts and other pre Celtic/ Germanic peoples were of mainly mediteranian stock, although there was some influences / settlement from the region. Wales being an obvious example of this.

The original peoples of North Western Europe, The Brunn types were actually as blue eyed fair featured/ with light non tanning skin as most of the population is today. Blonde hair was usually of a golden/ red shade to a darker brown.

The Brorby type more common in Scandinavia was grey eyed with not a much instances of Red hair/Freckles. Blonde hair was usually of a ash/ fair brown/ shade going to a darker brown.

Of course looking at the countries in North & Western Europe things have not changed that much, apart from the past 50 years since the darkies arrived!

The idea that before the Aryan Celtic & Germanic peoples arrived in North & Western Europe there was no one with blue/grey eyes Blonde/Fair Red hair/light skin/features is totally wrong.

I have yet to be convinced that a blonde haired blue/grey eyed race in great numbers arrived from the eastern steppes / mountains of Europe/Asia in great numbers to settle here. There does not seem to be any of them left in their supposed "heartland"? The Iranians claim that they are the true descendants of the Ayrans, but they don't seem to have blonde hair/Blue eyes?

As for Ayran races such as the Tocharians in Tibet/Modern China who are described as having similar features to N W Europeans I believe that is is possible that their origins might be further back in time than is usually quoted 2500BC for the start of the culture/race. They might originally have come from N W Europe and moved eastwards way before this time.

Is it possible that the legend of Atlantis / and the various flood myths has a basis of truth? Or could two races with fair eyes/features have devoloped independently in N W Europe and the European/ Asian steppes /mountains?

What does everybody else think?