Gallok: The Battle for Sami Rights in Sweden

A community questions its Sami heritage when one of Scandinavia's largest known iron ore deposits is discovered nearby.

Thirty kilometres from the Swedish world heritage site of Laponia, plans to introduce a controversial new iron ore mine in Gallok (also known as Kallak) are under way.
The opinions of the 3,000 people living in the nearby town of Jokkmokk are polarised.
Tor, a father of two, reclaims his Sami surname and joins a group of indigenous and environmental activists to stop British company Beowulf from mining on the ancestral lands of the indigenous Sami people.
But he faces strong political and economic forces, local rivals and a Sami collective that hesitate to accept him as one of them.
His old school friend, Kjell, an advocate for the new mine, believes that the new job opportunities will revitalise the town - the population of Jokkmokk has been declining for decades - and is willing to resort to dirty tactics to ensure the mine is greenlit.
The Swedish government weighs up the mining-concession bid with the traditional landowners' claims that the mine will destroy their livelihood of reindeer herding.