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Thread: Holocaustianity: The State Religion of the United States of America

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    Holocaustianity: The State Religion of the United States of America

    Michael A. Hoffman II Interviewed by the Iranian Mehr News Agency

    Mehr News January 4, 2006: As you know, nowadays the "holocaust" has been
    turned in to a religion. How has this come about?

    Hoffman: The US Constitution mandates a separation of church and state; that
    is to say, there can be no establishment of any single religion as the
    official creed of the US government. The Judaics managed to get around this through
    the "Holocaust." By pretending that the "Holocaust" is history, they turn what
    is actually a synagogue into a "holocaust museum."

    This is the case in Washington D.C. where President Ronald Reagan--the
    American leader who urged Saddam Hussein to wipe out the Islamic Republic of
    Iran--instituted the "US Holocaust Museum" on federal property. But this "museum"
    does not adhere to rules of evidence and does not submit its exhibits to critical
    inquiry and investigation. Skepticism is not allowed because the "Holocaust"
    does not entail the history of World War Two, rather it is a religion, the
    religion of Judaism for gentiles. To honestly question or doubt the details of
    the gas chambers is to be a "hater" and an "anti-semite." Historical accounts
    can be questioned and doubted freely. Religion cannot be questioned or doubted.
    Therefore, the "Holocaust" is a religious cult masquerading as history. The US
    "Holocaust Museum" is actually a synagogue comprising a house of worship for
    the first state religion of the United States of America, Holocaustianity.

    Mehr News: Mr. Hoffman, why does the European Union and the US government
    inhibit critical discussion about the "holocaust"?

    Hoffman: Europe has a long history of suppressing freedom of speech, in spite
    of having the temerity to lecture Muslims about "democracy" and "human
    rights." Historically, nations like France, Austria and Germany never adopted the
    standard of freedom of speech for everyone. Instead, they have clung to the
    notion of the old Church that "error has no rights." Error may have no rights, but
    who is to say what constitutes error in history? Who has the authority to
    decide how we fix the record of history? A masonic judge? A Zionist tribunal? A
    Prime Minister? The grand rabbi? The pope? The UN?

    I don't think we can have real history by decree. Real history is based on
    curiosity and investigation, not dogma and preconception. The truth about the
    alleged homicidal gas chambers of Auschwitz, like the truth about the religion
    of Judaism itself (which is not based on the Old Testament, but on the
    traditions of the rabbis), would destabilize the whole raison d'etre of modern Europe.

    The governments of Europe follow a masonic paradigm wherein Judaism is the
    supreme ideology and the source of spirituality. To allow freedom of inquiry
    into the authentic nature of the "Holocaust" and of rabbinic Judaism itself,
    would destroy the basis of the masonic vision of the European Union, which entails
    the revival of the Tower of Babel, in this case in Brussels.

    The President of Iran was quite correct when he pointed out that the prophets
    of the Bible may be attacked and insulted in Europe with impunity. The Talmud
    itself insults the prophet Isaiah by decreeing that he deserved to be killed
    for criticizing Israel. Hate speech against Christ or the prophet Isaiah is
    legal in Europe, whereas revisionism is not, because above God and the prophets
    are the rabbis. This too is a Talmudic principle. So we observe today in
    Europe the rabbinic tale of the homicidal Auschwitz gas chambers and the
    Kabbalistic figure of "Six Million" dead, venerated as the last sacred dogma of the
    otherwise agnostic West. As in the past, the credibility of the dogma is
    maintained by jailers and dungeons, otherwise it would collpase under the ponderous
    weight of its own mendacity and hallucination.

    Mehr News: Why is that while we see that the number of those who are
    questioning the "holocaust" is rising, Zionist propaganda about the holocaust is also
    on the rise?

    Hoffman: Muslims and Arabs must match the sophisticated technology-- if not
    the prevaricating methodology --of the Hollywood Zionists. Iran is a recognized
    world leader in the production of artistic movies. Why not gather your best
    screen-writers, directors and actors and produce a truthful, big-budget movie
    about the Israeli holocaust against the Palestinians? About Sharon's
    terror-bombing of Beirut in the summer of 1982; about Donald Rumsfeld and Ronald Reagan
    having aided and abetted Saddam's Iraqi war on Iran?

    Muslims and Arabs have allowed the power of the cinema to be monopolized by
    the Zionists. It is time you produced movies to counter those of Spielberg and
    his ilk and their multi-faceted lies. If produced with English subtitles and
    properly distributed and advertised, these could have an enormous impact on
    public opinion in the West.

    You could begin with a website produced by your government, titled: The
    Israeli holocaust against the Palestinians. I was the first to do this on the
    Internet and my effort may be viewed at

    One more recommendation: please try to equip the Palestinian people with
    small digital movie cameras to record the Israeli atrocities as they happen and
    encourage them to build a fortified, underground video editing studio where all
    the footage could be assembled; so that when the New York Times or CNN cover
    up these crimes or ignore them, the Muslims will have the evidence, on video.
    Such footage will constitute testimony for a future court in war crime trials
    of Israeli leaders.

    Finally, I pray for peace between the American and Iranian peoples.

    (Hoffman is a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press
    and the author of six books. His website is:
    Lík börn leika best.

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    Re: Holocaustianity: The state religion of the United States of America

    Things are pretty bad here in the States as regards to "Holocaustianity" (what I call Zionism), but a least we can still deny the Holocaust without going to prison.

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