Writers here who believe that we are in a forced choice between “(1) setting the record straight on Hitler; or (2) saving the West” have it completely ass-backwards. Without a massive and ongoing revision of the rather clumsy Holocaust narrative that emerged in the mid-seventies (but not, it will be noted, in the memoirs of those who orchestrated the war, like Churchill), there will be not any WN movement, or saving of the White race. The ball and chain around every White person’s ankle is marked “Hitler”, and when the true story of those years is widely disseminated, things will begin to change, but not before. Any movement towards gentile group association is associated, in the Pavlovian way, with WWII imagery, and until that imagery is properly contextualized, there simply is no way forward. Immigration restriction is an even more stupid waste of time than dressing up as a Nazi; we now need a Race-spanning consciousness of our moment of crisis and the means by which we have been subdued. No revisionist activity needs to have anything to do with “Nazism”, whatever that is. Those here who suggest that defending, explaining, or exposing the various hoaxes that pass for WWII scholarship are “Nazis” or “goons” or just in it for “dress up” can go back to Free Republic, where their comfortable Bush-fronted, Jew-financed worldviews will be treated more respectfully.

All attempts by Whites to organzie on the basis of race will be met by unending “holocau$t” propaganda. Nietzche once wrote that Judaism, which he called “the art of concocting holy lies” had reached technical perfection in Christianity. If only!

Holocaustianity - an almost complete fabrication based on decontextualized pictures of typhus victims who were prevented from receiving what is by any objective standard heroic levels of care by the Germans (please compare with previous non-German internment experiences in Andersonville and the Boer War) - are now presented as victims of the “gas chambers”, technological terrors every bit as real as Orson Wells’ Martian Tripods, and deployed to much the same effect on American public opinion. Only you can’t go to jail for telling the truth about the Tripods.

The piles of dead bodies would not have been dead, without the “British” policy of saturation carpet bombing, which prevented food and medicine from reaching the camps. The Brits were good enough to sell photos of their handiwork to gullible tourists as proof of German beastliness, but the growing body of evidence show them, and the Jews, as World-Historical Liars.