Two Important World Views

Opinion; Posted on: 2006-01-01 10:39:07

Wherein we look at possums and Hanukkah...

by H. Millard

CONSERVATISM, LIBERALISM, communism, libertarianism, socialism, democracy, and on and on. We have many terms to describe various "big" political, social, and economic ideas and systems. Millions of people have fought and died for these ideas.

However, these terms don't really describe the major struggle of all life, all the time, for all times. Because they don't, they're not really big ideas at all. They are petty little things. Mere contrivances. Things for parlor talk. They are certainly not worth dying for.

This major struggle of all life, all the time, for all times, of which I speak, is for genetic survival and dominance.

The philosophical/political systems, and many others similar to them, mentioned above, were invented by humans for humans, yet they don't even touch on genes which are the most essential part of humans (and all other living things).

By not touching on genes, these systems are artificial and are failures in the modern world. These systems talk about the ways men should organize and comport themselves in society, but they fail to distinguish between this and that type of human. They've taken the human element out of the systems proposed for humans. They've dehumanized the struggle. Indeed, they don't even give an indication of any knowledge of the struggle. They've lumped all humans into one grey dung heap of humanity. They fail to see and honor genetic individuality both of the person and of groups of genetically similar individuals.

Is it any wonder, then, that these systems can't succeed -- so that all humans can live free of fear and pursue their own ideas of happiness -- in a world where fast mass transportation can take millions of different human types to other lands that were once isolated?

Consider England, as just one example. Social structures, including the government institutions and laws established for England, worked well when all they were governing were the native White English people. This is so because the genetic proclivities of the White English people generally fell within certain boundaries. All the people pretty much acted and reacted in a similar fashion to various things, unless they were insane.

It was in their genes. If there were a minor argument on the street, for example, it was not common for one Englishman to pull out an axe and cut off the head of the person he was arguing with. The law understood this. Now that England is being overrun with non-Whites, the laws are no longer adequate. Today, one's head might be cut off after a minor argument. The genetic basis of England (and all other formerly White nations) is under attack. England (and all other formerly White nations) are becoming like those no longer difficult to reach far distant lands. The English no longer have to just read about the savagery "over there." They just have to walk outside their homes to see it for themselves. What's changed? Not the English. Not the laws. Just the proportion of non-White genes in the population. What is good for the English goose, may not be good for the African gander.

And, isn't it odd that some Whites, who now cower behind barred windows and triple locked doors, and who are afraid to walk on their own streets at night, either are not connecting up the dots and realizing that the new violence they are experiencing isn't really coming from their own genetic people at all, or are falsely believing that all that is needed to civilize the non-Whites is for the non-Whites to live in and around Whites so that the Whiteness will somehow magically rub off and take up residence in the souls of the non-Whites and ennoble them to the less violent level of the Whites? Such Whites often fall into the category of Noblesse Oblige racists.

Of course, the reason such ennoblement doesn't work is because it's all a matter of genes, not environment.

Our very survival as a distinct genetic type dictates that we no longer think exclusively in terms of the geneless philosophical/social systems as briefly outlined above, but rather in terms of there being two major world views that we can call, for purposes of this column, the Assimilation Model and the Non-Assimilation Model.

The Assimilation Model is synonymous with blending, homogenization, ethnic destruction, genocide, multi-culturalism, multi-racialism, diversity. Note, these last three terms aren't really what they sound like. They are actually steps to blending away distinct genotypes. The Assimilation Model is the one that we are all being forced to live under right now. This is the evil zeitgeist of this age. This is the present flat world theory that we're all supposed to believe in and follow. It is bunk. It is genocidal. It is garbage.

The evil Assimilationists have been with us for thousands of years. Assimilationist Antiochus tried to destroy the ancient Hebrews by forcing them to assimilate. Thus was born Hanukkah which is a celebration honoring the successful efforts of a small group of Hebrews against assimilation. In other words, Hanukkah is a celebration about Jewish separatism. Most of the ancient Hebrews did assimilate and they disappeared as distinct types. In recent history, the Assimilationists have tried to wipe out the Gypsies of Europe by forcing them to blend in with the householder populations in the various nations where they existed. The Assimilationists also tried to wipe out the Irish by denying them their unique culture and language which are often the first steps to genetic blending. They did the same thing with the American Indians, with the native Hawaiians, and many others. A thousand other examples could be cited. Distinct languages, cultures, and religious practices and beliefs, are seen by Assimiliationists as walls separating people and keeping them from mating. Break down those walls, and the people are more likely to intermarry and be so completely assimilated that they will disappear from history.

Today's White separatists are the equivalent of the ancient Hebrews, the Gypsies, the American Indians, and other peoples who fought against assimilation

This Assimilation Model has spawned such babble as false claims that there is only one race, the human race; that we all bleed red blood (meaning, falsely, that we're all the same), that all people are the same except for different paint jobs, that we're all the same under the skin. Then, once you've bought these lies, you're ready for the big one: All races should breed with all other races because, remember, in this false view, race doesn't exist.

Assimilationists base their views on emotion and blind belief rather than on facts and science. Many of them have closed minds and are thus, by definition, bigots. They can't accept the fact that people are different even though their eyes tell them this every day of their lives. Even when they are shown statistics indicating that different races act and react differently and score differently on various tests and tasks, they won't accept this as true. Their whole gingerbread reality has been constructed on a blind belief that there is only one human race.

Once, the Assimilationists were confined to local areas so their evil blending was confined to relatively small groups of people. Today, however, they are pushing their evil on the whole planet as they attempt to have all distinct genetic groups blended away. The primary target is White people. The Assimilationists are now attempting the largest genocide in world history. It is so large, that many otherwise intelligent people have trouble seeing it for what it is.

The Non-Assimilation Model is virtually synonymous with or encompasses such terms as separatism, isolationism, racialism, geneism. This view holds that race is a reality and that genes are the most important part of all living things. It also holds that it is genes, interacting with various internal and external environmental forces, that largely determine who and what we are and what we become. This model also holds that the way to improve the human species is by encouraging positive evolution partly through the separation and isolation of different races and sub-races so that they may all develop as is their genetic destiny in a sort of distilling process. This view also holds that when humans all blend together, evolution is stopped because the distillation process doesn't work. Evolution is all about a few from a group developing a slightly different shuffling of the genetic material and having that shuffling be more successful under whatever the present circumstances are so that it becomes dominant within the group. This requires that some of the species separate out and move away from the herd, not blend back in. Isolation is necessary for evolution to work.

Many who favor the Non-Assimilation Model believe that Whites were on their way to becoming a different species when they were hit with modern mass transportation and the present mass immigration of non-White peoples into formerly isolated White lands. This mass immigration of non-Whites to formerly White lands is ending the White isolation and is causing Whites to blend back in with the non-White humanity that Whites left behind in Africa thousands of years ago.

Whites have been caught in a dilemma similar to the one faced by the possum who plays dead in front of a speeding truck. The possum earlier evolved a survival mechanism of playing dead when confronted by a carnivore whose own evolution keeps it from eating things that it hasn't itself killed. Unfortunately for the possum, the speeding truck doesn't leave the pretend-dead possum alone as a wolf would. It runs over it. What once worked, no longer does. Either the possum will adapt or it may become extinct.

Whites will have to learn to adapt or they may become extinct. Hanukkah, which is a Jewish holiday which is kept alive by Jews, if properly understood by Whites, may just help them learn to adapt and survive as a distinct people.