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Thread: English, Dutch, German : more Celtic than Germanic

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    I'm I right in saying that i-Z161 is also pre-Germanic as well with i1?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Germaniathane View Post
    Germans not only have Celtic, but also more Slavic blood than any Germanic people with the exception of the Austrians.
    Why is it necessarily that Germanics are supposedly the receivers and not the givers of these distinctions, by bottlenecking them in a similar fashion to Darwin's finches in the Galapagos? Why conceive that Germanics are not producers, but consumers? (Oh, we 'have no culture'', blah blah blah.) Linguistics, archaeology, history and genetics all prove the opposite of the nihilism pushed by today's morons. I guarantee that there would be no Celts or Balto-Slavs if not for Germans; out of which they came to be knock-offs representing Western and Northern extremes of a central Aryan impetus.

    Quote Originally Posted by Germaniathane View Post
    You have a wrong concept of what is meant by being Germanic genetically. You have limited the Germanic people to only one Haplogroup which is utter nonsense! There are subclades of the HG1/R1b which are in the Germanic branch that is R1b-U106. The Germanic people are the result of Germanic mixture of the I1a (Pre-Germanic) and R1b-U106, R1a-L664, R1a-Z284, I2b2b-Z161
    Y-DNA haplogroup I1a accounts for;
    Sweden = 40-50%
    Norway = 40%
    Iceland = 40%
    Denmark = 40%
    North Germany = 30%+
    East England = 30%+

    Y-DNA Haplogroups R1b and R1a account for:
    Germany = 60-70%
    England = 50-70%
    The Netherlands = 50-70%
    Iceland = 60%
    Norway = 50%+
    Sweden = 40%+
    I haplogroup is of pre-Indo-Germanic, Mediterranean derivation associated with the megalithic agriculturalists, the European Balkan brother of Asian Anatolian J haplogroup, offshoots of IJ apparently originating together in the Sea of Marmara. Look at the map: All of those nations are majority R1 combined--regardless of individual a or b percentages. Only Germanic nations have any real overlap between R1a and R1b, therefore it makes the most sense to see their respective densities in Balto-Slavic Poland and Celtic Ireland as having been Lebensborn offshoots of North Germanic Norway and West Germanic England coming from the North Sea, R1 Germanic Axis Lebensraum of the West. The Eastern/Indic Axis is R2, with the original Aryan haplogroup as just plain R, in our Siberian Urheimat.

    In retrospect, it may be best to look at R1b as an Anglian/West German marker and R1a as a Norwegian/North German marker, with Doggerland our R1 nucleus. If Ireland supposedly colonised England, did Poland colonise Norway? If West Germans are Celts, then are North Germans Balto-Slavs? Knowing what we do from actual history of the English over Ireland/West Germans over Celts and Swedes over Poland/North Germans over Balto-Slavs, wouldn't it be the other way around than this anti-Germanic persective? What kinds of trends would stipulate the reverse? Are (North-West) Germanics just actually Balto-Slavic Celts? If so, then how to explain a common Germanic root apart from them? What elements of Balto-Slavs with R1b and Celts with R1a don't have a known Germanic origin? Have there ever been Celts dominating Balto-Slavic nations or Balto-Slavs dominating Celtic nations? Who but Germans provided all this infrastructure of responsible government, thanklessly upon which all subsist?

    I look at the implication for me, being R1a from the Swedish border of Norway transplanted to England on the Irish Sea and the attempted false deconstruction of my heritage would turn me into a Balto-Slav amongst Celts. I accept only that Balto-Slavs and Celts are wayward sons, not that the Rus and Vikings never existed in our own right, yet according to a sheer folly were somehow Polish and Irish already before taking over them. It's more like we came to buttress and reinforce the natural social order, but Poles and Gaels continue to spiral out of control from the Germanic Axis, developing into their own creatures unrecognisable to our sense of being.

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