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Thread: Swastika Trees Just Won't Die

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    Grin Swastika Trees Just Won't Die

    By Adam Tanner

    Berlin - Germany's infamous giant swastika of trees in a forest north of Berlin just will not die. Two days after the government said it had obliterated a 60-by-60 metre swastika of golden larch trees visible only from the air, a local pilot said on Wednesday it could still be clearly seen. "It is just as clear as it was before," said Lutz Priebsch, a local pilot who flew over the Nazi symbol on Tuesday after foresters tried to disfigure the symbol by chopping down some of the trees. "I took photographs on Tuesday and there is no noticeable difference with what it was before."

    'We would like to finally see an end to this irritating Nazi symbol' A devoted Hitler follower planted the distinctive-shaped swastika of russet-coloured larch trees 100km north of Berlin in 1938. They are visible for only a few weeks each autumn and spring when the leaves change colour. A Reuters photograph of the forgotten swastika published last month triggered a national outcry and local authorities rushed to remove the outlawed symbol. They decided to cut down 25 of the 60 larch trees with chain-saws on Monday.

    Some state officials wanted to remove all the larches as well as about 100 evergreens that formed the backdrop, but were unable to obtain permission for the radical plan because of a private property dispute about half the land under the swastika. "If it is still visible, this is certainly quite embarrassing," said Jens-Uwe Schade, spokesperson for the environment ministry in the state of Brandenburg. The ministry had pushed for more aggressive removal of trees.

    "We would like finally to see an end to this irritating Nazi symbol," he said. "It may be that we need to return again." Nazi symbols are outlawed in Germany and the printing of the Reuters photograph ruffled feathers at a time when the country is debating how to deal with a wave of neo-Nazi violence. The forest, largely forgotten when it lay deep behind the Iron Curtain in formerly communist East Germany, was only rediscovered in 1992. A first attempt by state authorities to cut down enough trees to disfigure the symbol in 1995 failed - even though foresters reported otherwise to state authorities.

    There had been fears that if left standing the forest could have become a site of pilgrimage for neo-Nazis. - Reuters


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    It is simply an instance of how anti-nature these befuddled policy-makers can go to appease the chosen peoples.

    This news item shows that we are all indeed living in a bizarre world where past simply has no value, and life, if not acceptable by the judaic standards, is to be cut death inorganic.

    Where is the victory?

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