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Thread: Nordicism or Teutonicism?

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    I think you are splitting hairs in the poll since they are both Germanic tribes or like "cousins" to me. The cultures vary more than real genetic differences. Having a stronger German background and identity, I married someone Scandinavian descent and I don't see much differences except for more blonde hair expressed rather than the reds currently. The red heads seem to be dieing out over the last three generations in our family. Our family line has been Anglo-Saxon and Nordic influenced for over 500 plus years through marriages. The languages come from similar cultures, hence the "Germanic" name. Maybe in earlier times, the tribes had more cultural difference than you experience today in modern societies. I don't know how much language shapes our world culturally or even influence over our thinking patterns and behaviors among Germans and Norwegians. Take the word skin: Danish (hud), German (haut),and English (skin from Old Norse skinn). English is said to be closer to Old Norse and Frisian being more isolated from the mainland. Lots of people forget the Frisian influences in Briton.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sigebrond View Post
    Few of us are Teutons, because few are descended directly from the Teutonic tribe. It doesn't matter, because all Germanic people have the same roots (along with Celtic and Slavic peoples, with the exception of traces of Mediterranean ancestry among Celtic peoples).
    Surprisingly, Norwegians also have a Med (Spanish) element which must be very ancient. Presumably, most Germans have it too.

    I think we underestimate how quickly populations can change (somewhat) in appearance. They reckon male and female Scandinavian faces looked more alike in Viking times:

    The skeletons reveal another difference between us and the Vikings: men’s and women’s faces were more similar in appearance in the Viking Age than they are today.

    “It’s actually more difficult to determine the gender of a skeleton from the Viking era,” says Harvig. “The men’s skulls were a little more feminine and the women’s skulls a little more masculine than what we’re seeing today. Of course, this doesn’t apply to all skeletons from the Viking period, but generally it’s quite difficult to determine the gender of a Viking Age skeleton.”

    She explains that Viking women often had pronounced jawbones and eyebrows, whereas in the men, these features were more feminine than what archaeologists are accustomed to when trying to determine the gender of ancient skeletons.

    The skin on the skeletons has looked much like it does on most of today’s Danes. Genetic studies have shown that even back then there was a healthy mix of blonds, redheads and dark-haired people, just like today. There were, however, more blond Vikings in northern Scandinavia in the area around Stockholm, Sweden, while there were more redheads in western Scandinavia, which Denmark belongs to.

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