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Thread: Destroying Christians Through Sin

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    Post Destroying Christians Through Sin

    I found this in a website when I was perusing the net and was interested in what it related.

    In the doctrines of Jewish Cabalah messianism, the belief is that Israel as the Shekinah has been separated from God because of her sins [spiritual adultery]. Because of Israel's sins it is believed by Cabalist that the light of Israel resident in the Shekinah has turned to darkness. Each righteous Jew was thought to possess a spark of the Shekinah. Collectively, these sparks were manifested as a flame of fire over the mercy seat in the holy of hollies. They claim the divine sparks indwelling in the Shekinah departed from the Jews because they departed from righteousness. Some believe this divine presence came over into the New Testament Church as witnessed by the "TONGUES OF FIRE THAT SAT UPON EACH OF THEM" (Acts 2: 3).

    In the Isaac Luria secret doctrines of Cabalism, each Gentile Christian who now has the Holy Ghost and one of those alleged righteous sparks, is like a shell imprisoning a part of Israel's future destiny. THEY BELIEVE THESE SHELLS MUST BE BROKEN SO THE SPARK CAN ESCAPE. That is, the Gentile Christians must be made to become wicked and evil and depart from righteousness, so the divine sparks will forsake them as they did the first Jews, and then return to Israel again. It is believed by these Cabalists, that when Israel turns to righteousness [Talmudic Pharisee Judaism], and the Gentile Christians are fully led into the abyss of wickedness [liberalism], by the cult of the all seeing eye, Jacob Frank's secret "Sabbatians," (Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman, To Eliminate The Opiate, Vol. 1, p 130), then Rome [Talmudist label all Christians figuratively as Rome], will be destroyed (The coming great blood-bath by the whore). Talmudist believe their Messiah will come and do this BEFORE setting up the millennial communistic utopia.

    Talmud, Abadian: "When Rome is destroyed Israel will be redeemed."

    Rome here is figurative of all Christian groups and people.

    Also, Talmud, Zohar 1,219b: "Captivity of Jews ends when Christian Princes die."

    Christian Princes here are the Ministers of Jesus Messiah. The coming world-persecution (the great blood-bath) by antichrist, will perform this task (a trial-run was carried out under Communism in Russian and China).

    The Talmud teaches that Israel cannot be fully redeemed until Christianity as Jesus established it is destroyed. Is this not the Great Whore of Revelation 17 & 18 identified. And Jerusalem sits on seven mountains. The Beast and Antichrist, find their fulfillment here, where the "head" (mountain; Mount Moriah), had a wound by a sword (70AD), and yet did live (1948).

    Talmud, Sepher or Israel 177b: "If a Jew kills a Christian he commits no sin." And they killed thousands in their own tribes in the first seventy years of the Church, for which there has been no apology and no holocaust museums to show-off the antichrist bigotry and hatred against their King and killing their own people. From the Temple went forth orders and permission to bounty hunters to seek out, persecute, and kill the elect of Messiah. After killing Stephen, James, and many hundreds more, these would resort to the Temple at Mount Moriah to flatter God by offering up animal sacrifices to show they rejected the bastard blood of Jesus for salvation (the Apostle Paul was one of these hired bounty hunters).

    The Arabs are not the only ones with zealots who will kill and are killed. Jewish zealots are taught the Talmudic promise that they will go straight to heaven when they die after killing Christians or bad Jews. These zealots were called the *Iscarri* and worked out of the Temple through secret underground passages and from Masada. Judas joined in this group of zealots in the Temple as a *new* Iscarri assassin which is why he is called *Judas Iscarriot* (see Josephus Wars: VII, Chapter VIII). This very mentality was carried out against the Apostles and first Church for nearly a hundred years. It will be the authority of the great blood-bath that is coming that fills up the whore's cup of judgment:

    Revelation 6:11--And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until other Christians also and other Ministers, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled (BJV).

    Gentile Christians opposing this Babylonian new world order, will be marked as Jew haters; antisemites; arrested for alleged hate crimes; lose their jobs, homes and property; be put in prison; and some will be killed. It is not if, .........but WHEN? The Iscarri will arise again under some new name but whose purpose and plans are the same: blot out Jesus Messiah and all who follow him!

    The United Nations, American FBI/ATF/Rome & Constantinople, Protestantism, Islam, the Masonic Lodge, the Anti-Defamation League, the Rosicrucians, Jesuits, Knights of Columbus, Eastern Star women, and other cults and groups, will assist in the great Iscarri blood-bath. The coming Antichrist will be the supreme Iscarri as he sits in the grand *lodge* and then in the Temple in Jerusalem as God, and orders the deaths of millions who refuse to take an anti-Jesus mark. Antichrist and hatred against Messiah and the Saints will increase. Now is the time, not later, to come out of their false doctrines and teachings and be the people of Messiah. If not now, ...WHEN?

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    This is extremely interesting; however, I wish you would have posted the website . You do know when you cut and paste from a website you steal ban width from that site; at least, that is what I was told.

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