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Thread: Iranian hijackers may get Norwegian residency

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    Hijackers may get residency

    Norway's promise to send two Iranian plane hijackers out of the country may end instead with the pair winning residency as no foreign state can be found that is willing to take the two men in.

    "It can end up with Norwegian authorities, whether one likes it or not, being forced to give the hijackers permanent residency in this country," a well-placed source told Aftenposten.

    Minister of Local Government and Regional Development Erna Solberg vowed that the two men would be ejected from Norway when she learned they had returned to the country last year after serving a prison sentence in Russia.

    In the meantime Solberg's Ministry, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Directorate of Immigration (UDI) have all been working on the case, but have not had any progress to report.

    The hijackers were resident in Azerbaijan in September 15, 1993 when they hijacked an Aeroflot plane from Baku headed for Russia and steered it to Oslo Gardermoen.

    After the hijackers were extradited and served time in Russia in 1997 they received residency in Russia, but now both Russia and Azerbaijan claim that they are under no obligation to grant the two further terms of residency, and will not do so.

    The UDI has reportedly contacted Iran to find a home for the hijackers, despite a general policy rating Iran as an unsafe destination for returning refugees. This avenue, too, seems not to have borne results for Norwegian authorities.

    A year ago the UDI ruled that the hijackers should be allowed asylum despite Iranian assurances that the pair did not risk the death penalty if returned there.

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    No doubt they'll love Norway, with all those randy dominant ladies about. The 9/11 hijackers when they weren't learning to fly planes were partying all the time. :osama

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