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Thread: Helping Germany's Neglected Children

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    Post Helping Germany's Neglected Children

    When it emerged earlier this year that a Hamburg mother had allowed her young child to starve to death, the nation reacted with horror. Since then one man has been working to better the lot of underprivileged youngsters.


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    Post Re: Helping Germany's Neglected Children

    "What goes on behind closed doors is often very dramatic," Siggelkow said. The Berlin vicar added that the impoverished often try and save money by not providing for their children rather than sacrificing themselves.

    Although the violation of parental care is a punishable offence, child welfare authorities often struggle to meet their protective function.

    We often have these same problems here in America. I have seen this same phenomenon in poor families here in America where the parents are selfish and care more for themselves than their children. You will see them wearing expensive name brand clothing, and yet they have no money to put food on the table. Priorities are all mixed up. It is not only monetarily. The parents act as children and will leave their youngsters alone with no supervision, while they go out and party at the clubs. Every so often you hear about a tragedy that occurs because the children were left alone and the parents were out. Think about how often these people leave their kids alone and no one knows because no great tragedy occurs. It is horrible how these children are brought up.

    The child protective agencies here are often understaffed and overworked. It is one of the highest stress positions and has very high turn over rates. People just burn out too fast. Many times this is why there are problems with identifying problems-- there is no time for the caseworkers to be able to spend enough on it with the families. There are also always problems with the courts and how much government involvement is too much. There was a case in the news recently that bothered me to no end. The woman was on probation with child welfare, and was not allowed to see her children unsupervised. Lo and behold, her husband took her out drinking then left her at home with the infant while he went out partying. She lay down to nurse the infant and passed out smothering it to death. Maybe some of you saw this? This is only one example of many.
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