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Thread: Germany to cut welfare for citizens living abroad

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    Post Germany to cut welfare for citizens living abroad

    Germany to cut welfare for citizens living abroad

    BERLIN. Reacting to widespread public criticism in the case of “Florida Rolf,“ as one newspaper dubbed a man who has been receiving welfare benefits from Germany while living in Miami Beach, German Health and Social Affairs Minister Ulla Schmidt has announced plans to sharply restrict welfare payments to Germans living abroad. The German Foreign Ministry said 959 Germans living in other countries received welfare last year. Among them was the man identified as Rolf J., who found himself at the center of an uproar after a newspaper reported in August that he has been receiving almost €1,900 ($2,175) a month, including a rent subsidy of €875, since welfare officials concluded that he was clinically depressed and might commit suicide if forced to leave his circle of friends to return to Germany.

    Under the cabinet proposal passed on Tuesday, welfare for Germans abroad would be restricted to individuals looking after children in shared-custody cases, those who fall ill and cannot return home, and prisoners, who would receive a limited benefit. Schmidt said the changes would be included in a social welfare reform package expected to pass parliament later this year. A spokesman for Schmidt's ministry said that under the changes, Rolf J. would likely have to return home or lose his benefits.

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    A much better effect would be seen if Germany cut the welfare for non-citizens living here. There are much more "money from state Alis" and "asylum fraud Bimbos" than "Florida Rolfs".

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