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Thread: Chinese Thread on European/American "Whites"....

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    Post Re: Chinese Thread on European/ American "Whites"....

    Quote Originally Posted by Glenlivet
    Literally touching your hair?
    Yes. That first day in Tianamin Square was the worst. Talk about Culture Shock. Towards the end I was used to it though, and just took the piss out of them, asking if they knew where Han Solo was, and did they know Jabba the Hutt had a big reward out for him. My fiance was very distressed by it in the beginning, and just wanted to come straight home.

    I can't imagine the uproar if I were to accost and paw at Asian tourists the way they feel free to.

    BTW, it is believed that, in 25 years, the white Australian elite could be replaced by Asians... Will Nationalists cease to consider Asians as OK, cool and inoffensive peoples just because they are hard working and do not fill our prisons? They're a poisonous threat as other aliens are, but they're more pernicious than others. I mistrut Asians as the plague. They've only one idea in mind : replace us.
    No shit, Sherlock. It is only the Left-Wing self-hating "exotic = beautiful" boofheads who prance about hand in hand with them here. For the most part, the Asians seem to keep to themselves anyway, regardless of whether they are Chinese or Vietnamese, they just seem to slowly fill up an area, then start branching out into the neighbouring areas. The odd Australian male has an Asian girlfriend, but even then such sights are not anywhere near common. Asian Males with Australian girlfriends are nigh on non-existant. I only went there to see the Great Wall, and to get to Mongolia. Don't doubt for a second the deep feelings of resentment that run through the average Anglo-Saxon Australian at merely the sight of Asian immigrants.

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    Post Re: Chinese Thread on European/ American "Whites"....

    Quote Originally Posted by SURT
    No shit, Sherlock.
    I'm not Australian myself you know, I was just looking for the confimation of an aware Australian.

    In a few words : you Australians are in a mess. Generally I don't feel much for Australians; however, I can only sympathize. I feel bad for you but as we say : VAE VICTIS.
    Cum catapultae proscriptae erunt tum soli proscripti catapultas habebunt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deling View Post
    50% of the world's industrial capacity is in China nowadays, so one must be real stupid to NOT understand where the winds are blowing. Why did Mugabe throw out the Whites from Zimbabwe and close the country to Westerners? Why did he tore down whole ghettoes in Harare recently? Because Mugabe's backers are Chinese, and Zimbabwe is an economical colony of the Chinese. Chinese are replaces Whites as Africa's master.
    It's sad that some people don't see the obvious, and regardless that Chinese claims about inventions are false, China will be sole super-power within 30 years. The area from Indonesia to Siberia, from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean, will be their "rice field".
    So to degrade contemporary China and Chinese is the most ignorant I can ever imagine.
    I'm not in the least bit disturbed that Asians are wrecking Africa for their own hegemonies. This gives the remaining Anglo-Boer population an easy disillusion from interest in staying where it's all been for nothing anyway. Let the remaining forces in Africa get bogged down in that Kalahari quicksand. If all Whites are Negropilled, it's a strength that Yellows may yet not learn until they've lost everything down there too. In the meanwhile, the rest of us can recuperate while watching them stagnate. What's to fear from Chinamen?

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