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Thread: For Glenlivet: Lena Headey

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    Post Re: For Glenlivet: Lena Headey

    Not being an anthropologist, I am not sure of how any relationships between the Nord-Atlantid and Nordid skulls might be discovered. I assume such a study would involve comparison with Corded and Battle-Axe skulls, and proceed in much the same manner as did the study you posted by Ilse Schwidetzky on The Influence of The Steppe People. So far as I know, no one has yet attempted such as thing. Do you have the resources? It could be ground-breaking

    Quote Originally Posted by Glenlivet
    I can see what you mean. It looks like something the author forced on the reader. Neither do I understand the phenotypical relation between Danubians and Hallstatt Nordics, too bad we do not have Coon here to explain it for himself. It is also interesting that Megalithic people settled in SW Sweden where the Göta type predominate.

    Another thing that bothers me is that Lundman wrote that Nord-Atlantid is to some extent intermediary between Göta and Insular, yet he believed one can see something pre-Celtic in the Nord-Atlantid. How does that work? If it is transitionary and not intermediary and betwixt and between because of later arrival of Germanic Nordids of Göta type (which I do not think can have been many, except maybe some Danes and Norwegians, and they did not settle to a large extent the regions where the type predominates), then it would mean proto-Göta people must have somehow passed through the British Isles or other parts of western Europe where the type may be found.

    Lundman explain how the Trönder came about, but he does not do a good job with Göta.

    I may come back to the subject later. I know Beckman (he wrote mostly about serology though) wrote about Megalithic people in Scandinavia too.

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    Post Classify Lena Headey

    Game of Thrones
    Sarah Conner
    The Brothers Grimm

    Hair Color: Brown.
    Eye Color: Green.
    Height: 5' 5½ (166cm/1.66m)

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