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Thread: Race-mixer got what she deserves

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    Post Re: my view on the subject

    Originally posted by d'arcy
    i have never in my life had sex with of even kissed a member out side my race i have never suppored any one who has ever my so called "race traitor friend" accutaly divorced his mex wife and pretty much has nothing to do with his kids he also is currently in the navy i grew up hammerhead in tucson az and am now pretty much a independant skin while my husband is a celtic skin he is irish by the way which is white
    you dont get the normal public to support you causes by being a violent racist but you do get public support by talk to people about your ligimate reasons for being the way you are
    people who breed outside their race take the responsibilty for there actions i have heard many storys of violence in the skinhead culture where the have raped or other non whites and have gotten the girl pregnate now i ask you what would you think of a leader in you gang who did that
    well the leader of the crew i was in i found out ed a bitch and a mex and for me just the thought that a cock that was in a bitch a girl that was in a mexican gang was in me to
    it descused me he however when this was found out he got all his ownership rights taken away and was schooled now let me ask you guys is it this kind of people that you want to be repersenting our cause people can repent people that truly do believe in our cause can renouce there herritage and join us but if you are to ingnorant to see that sind of it is should be you that is being schooled not you doing the schooling and people do change and do renouce their herritage
    i have done many acts to prove my loyalty and my past haunts me to this day i am hardly a child and i have done many things that alot of people can say they have never done and when i can say i have never been caught i can honestly say am sorry that i have gone as far as i have gone as young as i did
    i have more than earned my place in the organization and anyone who knows me personaly can attest to that but i should not have to be saying any of this
    i no longer even want to be in any crew because i have found that must crews that are around now are doing things that never before would have been happening alot of drug use has been the downfall of many alot with other races there are very very few really strong members out there and it should not be me that you jump on because i am true down to the very bone and if just because i am now more open to the wisdom of experiance then many others out there doesnt mean i am not true to myself and my beliefes
    Didn't I say something earlier about people who talk one way and act another? See, Nordic, my warning to You has been confirmed from D'Arcy's experience.

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    Post stand up

    my brother is not a racist but he once told me

    that you have to stand up for what ever you believe in no matter what because those who stand up for there belifes get to stand with Odin in the after life and those who dont and fall to there knees will fall with shame in the afterlife there will be no glory for them
    i have kept that with me and have always believed that and have done my best to follow that way of life also i like this quote

    to know what you prefer instead of what the world tells you, you ought to prefer is to have kept your soul alive

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    Originally posted by d'arcy
    i have kept that with me and have always believed that and have done my best to follow that way of life also i like
    I like your brother already!

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    Does Davison believe that if the man is White, his children will be a form of assimilation, by cutting off the non-White male's natural source of reproduction? Is this what Prince Harry's done? Did it work in Latin America? How about Southeast Asia? Is Skadi, SF or VNN the right environment to push for this?

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