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Thread: Do you like X-Games (Bike, Roller Blading, Motorcycling, etc)?

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    Nordic Valkyrie

    Question Do you like X-Games (Bike, Roller Blading, Motorcycling, etc)?

    Do any of you like the X Games (bike, roller blading, motorcycling, skate boarding stunts)? Also if so, do you know when it is suppose to be aired on tv again?

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    Throat Slicer


    Hell yea. I love watching the X-Games. Cant wait till they come on this year.

    Bike Stunt and Vert and Skateboarding Vert are my favorites

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    I never watch sports on TV.But if I could afford it & could find some folks to go about it.

    I'd love to try some stuff like bunjee jumping & Skydiving.:eek:

    & amybe stuff like biking,hiking,archery,etc.All good stuff to know.

    & mostly white sports. Jim Brown

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    yea x games is good but i believe it just happened but im not sure

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