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Thread: Anyone Interested in Third Reich Militaria?

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    Cops Take Hitler's Personal Pistol Worth MIllions From Young Collector In Argentina - Interpol Now Searching For The Gun

    Cops Take Hitler's Personal Pistol worth Millions from young Collector in Argentina

    Last week, Justice transferred to the ANMaC (former RENAR) the international capture of the Parabellum that disappeared in 2016. Behind the search are the strange story of Juan Pablo Ruppel - owner of the World War II weapons collection -, his German relatives and the supposed hidden life of the Nazi genocidal in Patagonia.

    Usually, mornings are calm in Azul.

    But that Friday, at 8 in the morning, the small town calm broke down. In an impressive operation, with troops hooded and protected with shields, the Buenos Aires police raided the corner of Colonel Pedro Burgos and Palmiro Bogliano. Juan Pablo Ruppe l lives there, who makes a living repairing appliances in the nearby premises.

    A few days ago I had coffee with him near the Church of Pieta, on Bartolomé Miter Street. He told me his version of the episode he lived on June 17, 2016:

    - They came as a surprise, in several vehicles. They broke the fence and the door, entered by force. They mistreated my children, one was pushed to blows, they were locked in a room, my daughter Catalina was a little girl and now she hears a noise and jumps on the bed and doesn't sleep anymore, my wife who is a photographer lost her job. I was a day and a half prisoner. In the end, the raid was negative.

    - But what was the reason for all this deployment, what were you accused of?

    - A lie, a lie. All invented. They said that I had gone to steal plates, knives, glasses, forks, an open flour package, another unopened one, a bottle of oil. Things that make no sense. We made the account at that time, not a thousand pesos reached the things they said.

    Indeed, the operation responded to an order of judge Carlos Villamarín, head of the Court of Guarantees number 2 of Olavarría, with the aim of investigating a robbery that had been carried out almost a year earlier in a private property , settled in Cause 3118/15 .

    The police did not find any of the household goods he was looking for.

    But at Ruppel's house there was a collection of 14 weapons, which was kidnapped and a file was opened immediately for "illegal possession of civilian firearms."

    The lawyer Germán Vena, who represents him, referred the facts

    - My client is a World War II weapons collector and they took them even though he told them he had the documentation in his possession. After we proved that Ruppel not only had the registration of the weapons but is a legitimate user, he was also dismissed from this cause, as he had been from the previous one for the alleged theft of crockery.

    Ruppel with the Anmac document.

    After very long procedures, the hijacked weapons were returned to their owner. But not all, one was missing.

    Perhaps the explanation is in this amazing revelation that Ruppel makes:

    - In my collection there are several weapons that belonged to Adolph Hitler ... especially a Parabellum-Luger 1906/1907 DWM caliber 45 number 5 weapon of incalculable value, priced at several million dollars.

    That is the missing gun, the one that was kidnapped by the police in 2016, the one that was never returned.

    And for a few days, by decision of the judge of guarantees Magdalena Forbes, of the UFI number 1, is being searched worldwide by Interpol.

    I assure you that the following is exciting.

    First, let's see who Juan Pablo Ruppel is.

    At 42, his accent and language confirm some data of his biography:

    - I was born in Colonia Nievas, a small town that belongs to the party of Olavarría, near Azul. We did everything in the field, from milking, assembling car wheels, cutting firewood. Now I repair televisions, music equipment. As a kid, they already gave me anything to fix because I was ingenious. Even if I had to disassemble an engine, I took it apart and I learned like that. Today I encourage you to anything.

    But this sturdy, square-jawed man, who has barely been three or four times in the city of Buenos Aires and has the experience of traveling underground, offers other personal references that make this police chronicle an explosive story:

    - I was raised by an uncle, whose name was Horst Schmidt in Colonia Nievas, a small town that belongs to the Olavarría party. When I was 15 years old I went to live with him, until I was 19 years old that I joined my wife. I knew him because we were going to visit him as a child. He lived with the mother, but when I went to live with him the mother had already passed away a few years ago.

    Ruppel and his uncle Schmidt, who raised him.

    Uncle Horst educated him rigorously. According to him, he made him practice physical exercises and trained him in various forms of self-defense, subjects on which he had full knowledge: in Nazi Germany he had been a selected member of the Leibstandarte SS.

    - Did you know that?

    - It's not like now, at that time in the middle of the field they didn't tell you anything. Besides, he didn't wonder. Things were known when we grew up. What yes, I remember that he had several documents, appeared with different names and had many more years than the document said.

    - What relationship did Schmidt have with your dad and your mom?

    - He was my grandmother's brother, my old mother's mother ... supposedly, because as I told you at that time there was never talk of that or the family. And many changed their last names or documents.

    According to Juan Pablo, when he was 15, the episode happened that would change his life :

    -It was July 22, 1994. I had gone to buy, to do the errands to the bowling that was there in the Colony, and when I return my uncle Schmidt was with another man. He introduces me and the man was surprised to learn that my last name was Ruppel.

    The visitor also had his story: during the Nazi government he had been Commander Hans Ruppel , a Sturmbannführer belonging to the Leibstandarte SS division, which was in charge of
    Hitler's protection.

    - That man had your same last name ...

    - Yes ... I had never seen him, I didn't know him.

    - Have you heard of him?

    - No, never, not even as a boy. My mom and dad never talked about him. I later learned that he was a relative of my dad, but he was also a relative of my uncle because Schmidt's mother, the one who had passed away, was Ruppel's sister.

    - Did your mom know about Ruppel's existence?

    - No, he found out through me.

    The great-uncle of last name Ruppel met Hitler.

    Behind the tangle of names and relationships, revealing data appears:

    - The first thing he told me was that I reminded him of his younger brother, who had died in Berlin ... that he was very similar.

    For that reason, by affinity or for some other reason, the next day Commander Ruppel asked the young Ruppel for a paper:

    - With a school typewriter and a sheet in the folder, he wrote me a letter where he promised me he would give me some weapons.

    The chronicler saw that letter. In a paragraph it says: "It struck me that being so small I fixed the charger of a Parabellum cal 9 mm and I told him that I had the three calibers 7.65 9, my 45 serial 05 unique that we brought in 1948 with the help of Juan D. Perón ". And he concludes: "That is why at this moment I decided that when I was of age they would be his, I am already 71 years old and I know that you are going to take care of them a lot".

    The firm says: "I will try to return, Uncle Hans."

    Juan Pablo Ruppel with his weapons collection and the one that belonged to Adolf Hitler and disappeared from his home

    Years later, in 2012, Hans Ruppel reappeared in the life of Juan Pablo Ruppel:

    - I already lived in Azul, I was married. He arrived in a Mercedes Benz, with a lady. He drove a driver. Was when I brought the Parabellum DWM 45 caliber pistol number 5 that had been Hitler's. I have the letter. It was the last time I saw him, it is more ... I do not know if he will be alive, in that case he would be 97 or 98 years old. I lived in Patagonia, but he never told me where exactly. A few days ago a man appeared who told me that Ruppel had many camps in Patagonia, but that they were not in his name and that some frontmen had taken them out.

    We also had access to that letter, in this handwritten case, in which he states: "In 1948, part of Hitler's collection arrived in Argentina under the mandate of Juan Domingo Perón , this 45-caliber serial 05 pistol." And then he adds: "Try not to reempadronarla since they can be stolen because it has an incalculable value, not only for being 45 caliber but for belonging to Adolph Hitler."

    That, precisely that, is the gun that was kidnapped in the raid, which was never returned and is now looking for Interpol.

    But there is something else regarding that police procedure and the whereabouts of the Parabellum.

    The 2016 operation at Ruppel's house when the weapons were taken.

    The operation of June 17, 2016 was commanded by the then deputy commissioner Emiliano Sparaino, who at that time was the head of the 1st police station. from the town of Fennel. Juan Pablo gives us these other data:

    - A few months later he was promoted and transferred to Tandil, as Head of Road Safety. But he was caught with the bribes to the carriers and he was taken prisoner ... the cause is Illicit association, Bribery, breach of the duties of a public official, and now he was released because he declared as repentant. After he was arrested, an active commissioner appeared and told me: "What are you going to do with the gun if it appears, do you keep it or sell it?" I will sell it, I tell him, to see what he answered. "Well, I know where it is, you have to sign me a paper but three million dollars for you and three for me, we have to divide between three", tells me. I invited him to my house and placed two phones to record. I had him repeat everything, I asked him, I questioned him. Then I told everything in the prosecutor's office of Tandil, but without taking the recording. They cited him less than a month ago. He said it was everything as I had told him, it was not necessary to take the recording.

    - Did you give other names?

    - Can be...

    - Is there a relationship between that statement, the actions of Judge Magdalena Forbes and the resolution of the ANMaC?

    - I don't know, but I think this came out because they couldn't cover it anymore. This is already a hot iron. The investigators who went through this case, I don't know if wanting or not wanting, they hid the evidence from the judge. Now, thank God, the judge is acting and my gun is being searched all over the world because it has an international capture request by Interpol. If it appears or they want to sell or auction it or anything, it jumps automatically.

    Hitler and Eva Braun. Ruppel says his great-uncle arrived in Argentina with them aboard a submarine.

    - How much is Hitler's gun worth today?

    -According to the latest appraisal of a magazine, it is worth 15 million dollars . But if they offer me all that money, I don't sell it. I keep the gun, for its historical value. But I clarify that the value was assessed for what the gun is, for its condition, the series and the caliber. The appraiser said it is the most expensive semi-automatic pistol on the planet.

    The "historical value", so respectable and so subjective, may have to do with a controversial aspect, eternally questioned, that also colors this story. Juan Pablo Ruppel reiterates the statement that journalist Abel Basti published in his book Hitler's Second Life :

    - My uncle Schmidt and my great uncle Hans Ruppel arrived in Argentina in the same U-Boot submarine where Adolf Hitler and Eva Braum traveled . Everyone landed on a beach in Patagonia. Schmidt told me a hundred times. And Ruppel, both times I saw him, told me the same thing.

    Meanwhile, right now, someone has the most expensive and most sought-after Parabellum in the world.
 Hunt For Hitler's Stolen Pistol Which Is Worth Millions web 1 – 16 - 20

    Cops Take Hitler's Personal Pistol From Young Collector In ...
    Cops Take Hitler's Personal Pistol Worth MIllions From Young Collector In Argentina - Interpol Now Searching For The Gun ... That is the missing gun, the one that was kidnapped by the police in 2016, the one that was never returned. ... this 45-caliber serial 05 pistol." And then he adds: "Try not to reempadronarla since they can be stolen ...

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    Police state ?

    Get access to see all photos from our online catalogue German Historical Collectibles from 1919 onwards

    Dear visitor to our website,

    Thank you for your interest in our online-catalogues! To gain access to the pictures we would kindly ask you to answer a few questions.


    Because German history after the Great War, but in particular the period from 1933 to 1945 is extremely controversial, requires special caution and discretion, and is subject to particular regulation by the German criminal code (see sections 86 and 86a of the German “Strafgesetzbuch”). As a renown auctioneer we are fully aware of our legal and moral responsibilities in this regard and therefore wish to ensure that only those persons who seek to study the subject matter for reasons that are considered 'socially acceptable' (as outlined in section 86(3) of the Criminal Code) are granted access to our catalogues.

    to serve civil education

    to avert unconstitutional movements

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    similar purposes

    Please dedicate another minute or so to answer the following questions:

    I am already a registered customer of Hermann Historica

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    I hereby confirm that my access code for the non-public areas of our website is for my personal use only and must not be disclosed. I will neither publish nor distribute any content of this area and will not link to it from any other website.

    Many thanks for your cooperation and comprehension!

    Kind regards,
    Hermann Historica

    Today only the Western World is a 'Police State' with the authorities constantly on the lookout among the indigenous people for thought crime while the migrants rape and murder at will.

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