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Thread: Field Marshal Albert Kesselring

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    Field Marshal Albert Kesselring

    This Vid is a summary of the Memoirs of Field Marshal Kesselring. Really worth listening to.

    Kesselring, Albert “Smiling Albert”.



    - Ranking

    Generalfeldmarschall der Luftwaffe. Oberbefehlhaber der Luftflotte 2.

    - Born

    30-11-1885, Marktsteft, Unterfranken.

    - Died

    15-07-1960, heart attack, age 74, Bad Nauheim.

    - Buried.

    Bergfriedhof of Bad Wiessee.

    - Medals

    • Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds

    Field Marshal Kesselring was taken to Mondorf les Bains where his baton and decorations were taken from him and he was incarcerated. He was held in a number of American POW camps before being transferred to British custody in 1946.

    In July 1952, Kesselring was diagnosed with a cancerous growth in the throat. During World War I, he had frequently smoked up to twenty cigars per day but he quit smoking in 1925. Although the British were suspicious of the diagnosis, they were concerned that he might die in prison like Generalleutnant der Luftwaffe Kurt Mälzer, which would be a public relations disaster. Kesselring was transferred to a hospital, under guard. In October 1952, Kesselring was released from his prison sentence on the grounds of ill-health. Smiling Albert Kesselring died eight years later on 16-07-1960, age 74 in a sanatorium in Bad Nauheim of a heart attack, Albert Kesselring was buried with his wife Luise Anna Pauline “Liny” Keyssler, who died age 69, on 28-01-1957, on the Bergfriedhof of Bad Wiessee, Field I and only steps of the graves of the Generalfeldmarschall der Infanterie,
    Werner Blombergand General der Infanterie, Franz Beyer. General der Flieger, Josef Kammhuber spoke on behalf of the Luftwaffe and Bundeswehr, expressing the hope that Kesselring would be remembered for his earlier accomplishments rather than for his later activities. Also present were the former SS Oberstgruppenführer Josef “Sepp” Dietrich, the ex-Chancellor, Franz von Papen, Generalfeldmarschall der Gebirgstruppe, Ferdinand Schörner, Grossadmiral and former Reichspräsident,Karl Dönitz, SS Standartenführer, Joachim Peiperand Generalmajor der Wehrmacht, Ernst Otto Remer, who played a decisive role in stopping the 1944, 20 July Plot against Adolf Hitler. During the war Remer was wounded nine times in combat. After the war he, here in the middle, co-founded the Sozialistische Reichspartei (SRP), advancing Holocaust denial, and is considered the “Godfather” of the post-war Nazi underground. Remer died old age 85 on 04-10-1997, in Marbella, Spain.

    Kesselring, Albert "Smiling Albert". - WW2 Gravestone

    Albert Kesselring
    Kesselring wearing his Knight's Cross in 1940
    Nickname(s) Smiling Albert
    Uncle Albert
    Born 30 November 1885
    Marktsteft, Kingdom of Bavaria, German Empire
    Died 16 July 1960 (aged 74)
    Bad Nauheim, Hessen, West Germany
    Allegiance German Empire (1904–1918)
    Weimar Republic (1918–1933)
    Nazi Germany (1933–1945)
    Service/branch Bavarian Army (1904–1918)
    Reichsheer (1918–1933)
    Luftwaffe (1933–1945)
    Years of service 1904–1945
    Rank Generalfeldmarschall
    Commands held Luftflotte 1
    Luftflotte 2
    OB South
    Army Group C
    OB West
    Battles/wars World War I

    World War II

    Awards Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds

    Albert Kesselring - Wikipedia

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    I got the audio from his testimony in Nuremberg. Quite interesting.
    Will have to investigate this in more detail.

    As a peeve, the summary tries to declare reprisal actions against partisans to be war crimes. Guess that's what one has to do, if one can not find anything of substance.

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    German field marshal kesselring's baton


    Kesselring's Generalfeldmarschall's baton was seized by a private serving as a scout with the US 2nd Armored Division, the first US division to enter Berlin, in July 1945. He was ordered to search castles that had been used by high-ranking German officers and found the baton. It remained in his possession until his death in 1977, when it passed to his widow, and then to his son, who put it up for auction by Alex Cooper auctioneers in 2010. Expected to fetch between US$10,000 and $15,000, it was sold to a private bidder for $731,600.[333][334]

    333 - Rodricks, Dan (12 December 2010). "Nazi baton fetches over $700,000 at auction in Towson". The Baltimore Sun. Retrieved 7 September 2018.

    334 -
    ^"High price for Nazi baton". Sydney Morning Herald. 14 December 2010. Retrieved 7 September 2018.

    Albert Kesselring - Wikipedia

    Very Nice.

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