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Thread: Finding racial symbolism in network administration!

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    Finding racial symbolism in network administration!

    I was curious as to the extent I could read racial symbolism into a computer network. The purpose, if there is one, is to manufacture a mnemonic landscape. The terms used are relatively simple, but the structure itself might represent a mnemonic architecture of almost unlimited scalability…

    What follows is a short glossary of networking terms, in racial parlance. Before I begin, though, the basic structure of this symbolic landscape is: Servers represent the superior being, usually a white Aryan; Client computers are the general body of mankind – those with slower CPUs etc are the non-whites; the Network Administrator is God (or the higher reality) or just the government – with which the Servers have the most constant and direct contact; the Users are those forces of nature and circumstance that test and condition the Clients; PCs are humans, either Servers or Clients.

    Active Directory: The inherent sense every Server has of the different qualities within the simple, pleb-like Clients.

    Answer file: A package of conditioning/subliminal programming, which enters a PC, for coping with new situations and lifestyle changes.

    ARPANET: The first movement, decades ago, toward an international community of PCs.

    Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA): When lacking a true identity, the PC randomly sees itself as standing within some middle range (an IP address of to

    Basic authentication: The simple way a PC asks of another PC ‘Are you a WN’ – no security is implemented. Such naivety!

    Blocking inheritance: Preventing the passive recipients of philosophies from inheriting the authority normally attendant upon such understanding.

    Class A address: The term for those networks run by the few Servers who are worthy of many followers - 16 million hosts! These leading Servers are almost always white.

    Class B Address: The average social milieu.

    Class C: The networks run by the many average Servers. These cannot have more than 254 PCs.

    Containers: The natural groupings of personal outlooks/memes that inhabit and direct PCs within the network community.

    Counter: The ways the Server measures the value of the Clients he must deal with. He rarely makes public the calibre he perceives within his fellow PCs.

    DACL (Discretionary Access Control List): The inherent personality characteristics that allow the forces of nature (Users) to define the fate of a PC.

    Disk Defragmenter: The mental facility always present within the PC that, when activated by a User, causes the PC to ‘take stock’ and arrange his files. The PC often says he feels freer after such an experience. He generally becomes more efficient.

    Disk quotas: The modern way that that the social net prevents weaker Clients from being overly burdened by ‘the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’ (Users).

    Disk striping with parity (RAID 5): This of course refers to the way a superior PC, generally a Server, organises his total worldview. Here ‘parity’ is essential. The superior soul uses parity to ensure greater fault tolerance – as a result, he is rarely wrong.

    FAT (File Allocation Table): The older way of looking at things. It’s a rather childish outlook, and results in an ineffective and insecure individual.

    FAT32 (File Allocation Table 32): A more modern manner of organising oneself. It’s basically a lot broader in its practicality re knowledge acquisition.

    IP address: The unique way that every adult PC is identified by the international community (Internet). It’s usually called a Social Security Number.

    Mixed mode: A community of PCs led by both old fashioned and modern outlooking types of Domain Controller Servers. This type of situation can result in personality clashes!

    NTFS 5.0: The best way of dealing with this world of pain! This racialist stance makes the PC as reliable, secure and adaptable to change as is possible.

    Ping: The funny phenomenon whereby some force of the unknown causes a lone PC to want reach out to some other PC, maybe on the opposite side of the world. Basically, just to see if it can!

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