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Thread: Tyr vs. Odin

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    Anybody who seriously claims riches weren't in high demand in Viking Age culture hasn't done his homework at all. On the contrary; those that had the resources seemingly showered themselves, their kin and subjects with it.

    In viking age Norse culture, a high degree of material wealth would be easily spotted through the sporting of rich clothing and fine items of little practical use. Silk garments, gold and silver embroidery, expensive dyes and expert crafted braids lining the seams. Gold and silver jewelry of no lowly quality. imported pelts.
    The things we find in graves are likely just a portion of that person's wealth. Somebody who can afford get somebody to squeeze the red crap out of a hundred thousand or so larvae just so he can get a nice tint on his shirt is hardly somebody indifferent to material culture, and when he's buried with it I take it the ones burying him isn't too bad off either.

    Read any skaldic poems regarding the deeds of, say, Harold Fairhair and how they were dressed. Supposedly with golden helmets, fine garments and imported weaponry. Sometimes we find beautiful swords that seem to have hardly any practical use, though marvels to behold. Suggesting the ones in question might have been more for showing off than for actual fighting. Having material wealth was the supreme sign of high status.
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    I think Tyr is more fundamental to Indogermanic religion generally, with Odin more specific to Germanic religion. Can't say that Thor or Freyr seem as central in either. Then again, Odin and Thor are the popular ones, with Tyr and Freyr basically ignored.

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