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Thread: 'National Review' Hates Europe

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    Post 'National Review' Hates Europe

    by Karen De Coster

    In the January 6, 2003, piece "Empire, 2003", Amir Taheri’s thesis is that the European Union is villainous because it is admitting non-Muslim countries into the EU that were never a part of the Roman Empire, while it shuns the entrance of Muslim Turkey, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Morocco. Says Taheri:

    North Africa, which has the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean, could become a kind of Florida for the old-age pensioners of western and northern Europe. In exchange, millions of young people could move north from the south to provide the labor force needed to keep the modern European economies going. Turkey, for its part, could become an important reservoir of manpower, agricultural production, and purchasing power for an expanded Europe.

    A judicious mix of wealth and technology from the north and manpower from the south could turn the Euro-Mediterranean region into the biggest and most prosperous economy the world has ever seen.

    Glory be – sounds great, doesn't it? In other words, we'll give you our pretty beaches if you give us your Western culture for the purpose of overrunning and annihilating it. Needless to say, Third World, Muslim countries have little to offer Western culture – overall – except terrorism, fanaticism, poverty, and more societal/cultural problems.

    Taheri adds, "it is interesting to see some Europeans cling to old prejudices to promote a "little Europe" ideology."

    Well surely that’s the case, but what is so terrible about safeguarding European beliefs in a European Union? What Europeans are "clinging to" is their core Western values that are at risk of extermination at the hands of refugees, gypsies, and Western-hating Muslims. Moreover, Taheri completely disregards the fact that the most fanatical promoters of ideology and homogeneity are in fact the Muslim nations.

    The Diversity Loving Peoples are out to destroy everything Western. That is their overriding agenda, and by and large, nothing else matters. Taheri states:

    The Europeans, especially the French, pride themselves in having secular political systems. Thus there is no logic in treating the European Union as if it were an exclusively Christian club. It makes no sense for the European Union to court Georgia and Armenia as future members, simply because they are Christians, but slam the door in the face of Turkey and Morocco which are closer to Europe by geography and history.

    Furthermore, he goes on to say:

    Rome's own history is an illustration. As long as it was an open society, accepting people of all faiths and ideas, it remained a dynamic maker of civilization. Once it had frozen into an instrument for a single dogmatic brand of Christianity, it began to decline and was ultimately defeated by its traditional enemies.

    That is a contemptible, anti-Christian assertion. The Multicultural Peoples simply cannot tolerate it that they aren't allowed to effortlessly overrun every single nation in Europe, including the EU as a whole. Taheri can't see the "logic" in maintaining a European Union that is overwhelmingly Christian, but in fact, the obvious "logic" is to keep Western Christian civilization intact in Western Europe. That "single dogmatic brand of Christianity" is the cornerstone of the West.

    Naturally, the entrance of Turkey – and other Muslim countries – into the EU would be Europicide. The Multicults, with their Therapeutic State policies, are already killing off Europe by hailing the glories of alternative lifestyles and Muslim integration while reconstructing a European social system that has relied upon Christianity as the bedrock of its traditional ethical value system.

    Paul Gottfried, the author of Multiculturalism and the Politics of Guilt: Toward a Secular Theocracy, is perhaps the most commendable spokesperson on this issue, and he asserts:

    Such a society does not arise unbidden but to a large extent is molded by government policies toward particular minorities and through the promotion of Third World immigration as an instrument of internal change. Nothing could be more misleading than to equate a multicultural society with a multiethnic one, for example, of the kind that existed in New York or Vienna in the early twentieth century.

    At issue is not the coexistence of more or less tolerated ethnic minorities grouped together under an administrative unit or imperial jurisdiction but the celebration of state-sponsored "diversity." In the new multicultural as opposed to conventional multiethnic situation, the state glorifies differences from the way of life associated with the once majority population. It hands out rewards to those who personify the desired differences, while taking away cultural recognition and even political rights from those who do not.

    The Multiculturalists’ hatred for Christianity and their twisted commitment to forced integration and diversity is the reason why Europe will become a hotbed for secessionist movements, with perhaps the most compelling being that currently taking place in Belgium.

    The heroic Flanders is attempting to secede from the Belgian statebecause the Belgian regime is not only corrupt, but it has allowed Belgium to become a haven for Muslim terrorists. Belgium grants citizenship almost on demand due to the passing of the Quick Citizenship Bill in May of 2000, and this makes it an attractive refuge for criminals and terrorists.

    Belgium is truly a nation without an identity, for there is no existing Belgian "ethnic group," but rather, there are the Flemings, Walloons, and a small number of Germans. Vlaams Blok is a courageous coalition of Flemish secessionists that do not recognize a unified "Belgian" State, but favor a Confederate Europe with Flanders being a member of the confederation of states.

    The Flemish Republic, the quarterly newsletter of Vlaams Blok, conveys that Al-Qa’eda regularly recruits in Belgium because "the Belgian secret service does not
    screen them, because (a) it is under-funded and under-staffed; (b) it relies on mutual understanding that the terrorists won’t attack in Belgium; and (c) it fears being accused of racism or xenophobia toward Muslims and immigrants."

    They also report that Muslim fundamentalists have been organizing violent, anti-Jewish demonstrations within Belgium, therefore bringing the Middle East's unwanted problems of conflict and violence to this tiny enclave that was once reasonably homogenous, and certainly, non-Muslim.

    As Gottfried observes:

    In Western and Central Europe, mass parties have emerged in response to common grievances: overreach by the EU in trying to control the cultural and economic life of European countries, the influx of predominantly Muslim Third World immigrants into relatively homogenous European regions, and those punishments meted out by major powers to members who shower votes on antimulticultural parties.

    Three cheers for Vlaams Blok and the secession of Flanders. Not surprisingly, the Flemish are often tagged as racist separatists, yet if they are so "racist," then the refugee Muslims should not want to flock there!

    An ethnic group promoting secession in order to maintain the fundamental character of a geographic region’s culture and identity is not xenophobic. A nation of people that do not want to be overrun by Third World mores is not racist. The Flemish Republic, the land of my family’s ancestors, is trying to stave off the tentacles of multiculturalism for the survival of its people, culture, and religion.

    The message of National Review is that neither anti-Christianism nor anti-whiteism is "intolerance." What is "intolerant", according to the diversity peddlers, is to be outraged about the hate being promoted by the custodians of the progressive and oppressive multicultural establishment.

    January 21, 2003
    Karen De Coster, CPA, [send her mail] is a paleolibertarian freelance writer, graduate student in Austrian Economics, and a business professional from Michigan. Her first book is currently in the works. See her Mises Institute archive for more online articles, and check out her website/>, along with her blog.

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    Post Re: 'National Review' Hates Europe

    Since the neocons seem to be completely in favour of opening the borders of the US to Mexico, and allowing as many Mexicans and other Hispanics to move northward as feel inclined to do so, it shouldn't be surprising they would apply a similar formula with regard to opening the borders of the EU to North Africans.

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    Post Re: 'National Review' Hates Europe

    Are you really surprised that a pro-Israel publication like "National Review" hates Europe?
    Jesus loves Jews and Muslims just the way they are. Cthulhu thinks they need ketchup.

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