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Thread: Long Live Freedom!

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    Post Long Live Freedom!


    by Constantin von Hoffmeister

    "Do not forget that each people deserves the government that it bears!"
    -- from a flyer of the White Rose

    I just watched SOPHIE SCHOLL (2004), the new German film based on the famous student resistance fighter against the Hitler regime. The film is moving. I cried. The ending is one of the most memorable and effective I have seen in a long time ("Long live Freedom!" in utter darkness, shortly before the guillotine does its job). A lot of anti-Fascists pretend they are the heirs of Sophie and Hans Scholl and the movement White Rose to which the siblings belonged. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Scholls were patriots. They loved Germany, and they were willing to risk their own lives to save it. Modern anti-Fascists are anti-German scumbags and traitors. The Scholls were traitors only to a regime that they saw unfit to rule Germany. They were not traitors to Germany. They were realists in that they knew that the war could not be won after the disaster at Stalingrad. They wanted to end the war to save lives. Of course, the Hitler regime still hypnotized itself into believing that the "final victory" (for Germany) would surely come. The Scholls knew that this was a fairy tale. The film is a glorification of freedom in all its varieties, but most notably it is about the freedom of thought and expression. It is ironic that some whores of modern Germany would laud this film because, from their narrow-minded points of view, they believe that, through their sacrifice, the Scholls wanted to create this very same federal republic. Nothing could be further from the truth. Modern Germany is an enemy of freedom, and it is infamous for shutting up political dissidents by throwing them into its dungeons. The Scholls would not have liked the curtailment of free speech in modern Germany. And because of their patriotism the Scholls would have been branded as Nazis, the very same people that they fought against with their rousing words.

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    Post Re: Long Live Freedom!

    Quote Originally Posted by ogenoct
    Of course, the Hitler regime still hypnotized itself into believing that the "final victory" (for Germany) would surely come. The Scholls knew that this was a fairy tale.
    I doubt that the Scholls were concerned about the "final victory" and other false promises. As far as I know Sophie Scholl hooked up with the resistance fighters in 1942, when the German frontline had been stabilized after the retreat from moscow in 1941 and the victorious Wehrmacht kept pushing further and further east. Stalingrad lay still ahead.
    No matter what their motivation might have been, I appreciate their willingness to end this war and the tremendous sacrifice they've made.

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