Man will never know the stench of reason
While bullets exit his splendid flesh
Mirrored by actions of malefactors, a spirit decries in silence
The everflowing embers of volcanic words and phrases
Forming rings around hollow eyes, lies of empty souls

The wretched pleasure of murder in fearless killing devices
Machines of war dominating kingdoms of slowly moving lemmings
Across the arctic desert suspended in the end of times
Moving forward to regression
Lifeless, heartless, soulless, nameless is their king

Man will never know Man
Dying to live a slow death
Suffer the bastards of humanoid distinction
Crashing into an effortless regurgitation of inconsequential contrivances
Yearning for armageddon, his pseudo-nihilistic being

Spawning of the chaossphere etched upon remains
Humans were laid to rest
Revenge is in the entombment of an unknown decrepancy
An apparatus of the wicked fallible
Annulment, dissolution, eradication -- classifications of the end.