Arizona To Cut Off Assistance To Illegals
Law Breakers Outraged

7/10/2003 10:51:36 AM
LSN Staff

Phoeniz, Arizona -- A petition to cut off welfare services to illegal aliens has outaged the illegal alien community and the Jews who defend them.
The grass-roots initiative would cut off all welfare for illegal immigrants, but still permit illegal immigrants to attend American public schools. Why illegal public schooling cannot be cut off is unknown.

Two Republican state lawmakers, Russell Pearce and Randy Graf, are backing the initiative, which needs to gather 122,612 signatures to make the ballot. The initiative is similar to California's proposition 187, which was overwhelmingly popular but struck down in federal court.

The persecution of whites through illegal immigrants mirrors previous campaigns of organized Jewry to persecute whites through the use of the blacks. In the 1960s, California passed a law by initiative stating that a person was free to sell their home to whoever they wanted; a federal court struck that down as un-Constitutional because it meant that whites were free not to sell their homes to blacks. Just as blacks were used by Jews to destroy the framework of Constitutional liberty in America, Jews of this era are using immigration to destroy the American economy and threaten the territorial integrity of the United States.