Threats Of Violence Terrify Festival Into Canceling Film
Jews Threaten To Bomb, Burn, Shoot Audience In Orgy Of Hate

7/11/2003 11:05:27 AM
LSN Staff

Melbourne, Australia -- Jewish organizations, after losing a court battle to have a film by David Irving cancelled, launched a campaign of violence and intimidation against the group and theater sponsoring the film until it was forced to be canceled. Jews, with the approval of Australia' officials Jewry, threatened to kill anyone in the audience who attended, and threatened to bomb or burn the theater showing the film, according to LSN sources, demonstrating against that they are truly a movement of nihilistic and active hate.
"All kinds of ugliness has happened," film festival director Richard Wolstencroft told the press, "It's far too scary ... we will never play another film by a historical revisionist ever again."

The incident shows the nature of Jewish hate in its most censorous and pure form. Jews hate so much that they cannot tolerate anyone to criticize them or even expose the truth about their "secret" conspirational activities against truth and goodness. In 1993, Jews worked behind the scenes, threatened Australian government officials and politicians, in order to have David Irving banned from Australia. Ten years later, Jews fear the release of that story, even less than they fear publicly intimidating a theater with threats of violence.

Jews hate so much that in their own country, the Zionist entity in Palestine, they machine gun little children on the street and torture any non- Jews they can force into their prisons. In countries in which they lack the power to go that far, they look for any outlet they can find to prey upon the weak or the unarmed. In those countries, there is nothing the Jew loves more than a politicians they can buy, or a politicians they can intimidate, or an innocent person they can label an "anti-Semite" and persecute.