A Letter To David Nettles
The ADL Was Formed To Advocate Murder And Rape -- Why Won't You Stand Up To It?

7/12/2003 1:40:42 PM
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Mark Franklin

Commentary -- July 12, 2003
Dear Mr. David Nettles:

I have read with great dismay that you refuse to stand behind Mr. Marc Moran. For the life of me, I cannot fully understand why.

As Mayor of Hopewell Borough, I would think that you would be able to recognize the reported lies and falsehoods that are being disseminated by one group in particular who is involved from the outside, the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (a Jewish fraternal organization that means, I believe, "Brotherhood of the Chosen"), which seems to be trying to dictate what your fine city WILL DO, by influencing both newspapers and, more than likely, you and others with seemingly false accusations regarding Mr. Moran.

What is this group, the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (or, ADL, as it is often called)? If you believe what they tell you, you might think that its members are simply just another simple "civil rights" organization. The facts are quite different, however. First of all, the organization is run exclusively by Jews; non-Jews are forbidden from holding any office within the organization, which discriminates against them. Yet, this same organization often clamors about Jews being denied admission into non-Jewish organizations.

The ADL has an unusual history. It got its start after the Atlanta head of B'nai B'rith, Leo Frank, was found guilty by a jury of murdering a 12-year-old little Gentile girl, Mary Phagan, in a brutal murder that shocked the nation at the time. Appeal courts found that the conviction had merit, and Frank was sentenced to death for his vicious and hateful crime. Many people feel that the ADL was set-up as a PR firm--"damage control," if you will. The ADL would later argue that Leo Frank, who was white, was wrongly convicted by a southern racist jury who said he was guilty just so the true guilty black perpetrator could go free. Such an argument is filled with obvious nonsense, and it denies the obvious facts behind the case. (For more on this matter, see the book "The Murder of Little Mary Phagan.")

Since that time, the ADL has sought to oppose anyone who might even be remotely affiliated with any idea that they do not promote. What kind of ideas does the ADL promote, you might ask? Well, for one, the ADL promotes the acceptance of homosexuality in communities. I do not know if you have children or your opinion on this matter, but this might be one thing to take into consideration. Many elementary schools, as you know, are now abandoning such works as Twain's "Huckleberry Finn," due to its perceived racism, and now replacing such works with books as "Heather Has Two Mommies" or "Daddy's Roommate." While I do not obviously know your opinion on such matters, I can pretty well bet that your constituents would not take too fondly to know that you might be in an alliance with the ADL's activities.

Many respectable people and organizations have criticized the ADL. For example, in the past, Senator Jack B. Tenney, a patriotic American if there ever was one, wrote a short book called, "The Anti-Defamation League." He had investigators explore the ADL and its aims. Much to his surprise, he found that the ADL often sought to work against Freedom of Speech by trying to censor opinions it did not like, contrary to the ideas on which this great nation was founded. Senator Tenney's book described how through the use of such words as "native fascists," "racial hatred," and "anti-Semites," the ADL has tried to stifle debates regarding its activities. Likewise, Senator Jack B. Tenney produced another book, "Anti-Gentile Activity in the United States: A Report and Appraisal," in which the ADL was listed as one of the prominent anti-Gentile organizations within this great nation.

The ADL likes to portray itself as a patriotic organization when it comes to international affairs. Occasionally, as we witnessed in the last war, this is true (since, apparently, it removed a potential threat to Israel). However, at another time, when U.S. President George W. Bush criticized Israel's continued ethnic cleansing policy by Israel's aggressions into Palestine proper, despite President Bush specifically telling Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to stop, the ADL essentially criticized President Bush (rather than Israel). Indeed, the ADL might even be perceived as another of Israel's lobbying groups in its incessant support of Israel, which sometimes seems to be above America, as in the aforementioned instance.

Many researchers have also criticized the ADL. Patriotic American and investigative researcher Myron C. Fagan wrote a book called, "This is the ADL!" He describes how the ADL often operates. In his informational book, he says that too often as is the case, the ADL makes up baseless "smear campaigns," knowing that few will look into the matter. Often, as the ADL has discovered, merely calling someone "racist" or "anti-Semitic" is enough to keep someone out of politics.

Major Robert H. Williams, who worked as an Intelligence Officer for the U.S. Army, wrote a book some time back dealing with the ADL's pro-Communist activities during the height of the Red Scare. You may recall what the "Red Scare" involved and why so many people were opposed to it: 60 million Russians were murdered by their own government during peace time. Williams's book was called "The Anti-Defamation League and Its Use in the World Communist Offensive." Williams promulgates:

"The effect of the [Anti-Defamation] League's work is to set up Jews in a preferential status--a 'chosen people' in this modern age when 'all' people have equal rights. The League seeks to bring minorities under its leadership in a race rivalry fanned by its propaganda. This is entirely parallel to one of the major activities of Communism."

Of course, members of the ADL will say that their organization has never been involved with Communism in any shape or form. Of course, history has an uncanny ability of revealing the truth in such matters. For example, according to Maj. Williams's book (p. 29), prominent Jewish leader Louis Levine remarked in an article "Soviet Russia Today" something that might send the chills up many senior citizen's backs in your fine city:

"The Jewish people are unanimous in their love for Stalin. They regard him as the greatest friend of the Jewish people. They attribute to his understanding of national minorities and to his leadership the new, exalted status of the Soviet Jews."

Of course, one of the first laws that Stalin made was that "anti-Semitism"-- that is, those who are "against the favoritism of Jews"--would be punished by death.

Fast forward 50 years, and we are at modern times. What do current writers have to say about the ADL? Investigative researcher Laird Wilcox, who is a libertarian who comes from a multicultural family and can hardly be labeled an "extremist" by any measure, wrote the book "The Watchdogs," which exposes many of the ADL's activities. He describes many of its activities--and the activities of another similar organization, the SPLC. Case after case, investigative researcher Mr. Wilcox cites numerous cases in which the ADL sought to control people's views by telling them what they could--and could not--watch, read, or listen.

Likewise, a group that was once known as Liberty Lobby, which was concerned about America's activities in the Mid-East, was attacked by the ADL. Consequently, Liberty Lobby, a group of patriotic Americans (which the ADL still attempts to vilify through baseless accusations), wrote a book called "Conspiracy Against Freedom." In this book, the authors detailed how the ADL tried to suppress comments on a radio talkshow that were critical of Israel--and succeeded. Hence, America is in its current predicament: While unemployment has reached staggering levels unknown since the time of the great depression, the government just gave Israel about $13 billion in grants and loans. (Israel has yet to pay back any money it has been loaned.) This is enough money to give 400,000 tax-paying Americans jobs at over $33,000.00 a year! But I digress.

There are numerous other volumes that will attest to the ADL's activities. It is not my point to list them all. I have merely meant to point out that the organization, which I believe is behind much of the unfounded vilification concerning Mr. Moran's character, has what might certainly be perceived as a dubious history.

I would like for you to take into consideration what I have said here. Feel free to share this letter with your fellow council members.

While whatever you decide to do is ultimately your and the council's decision, I hope that, in the interest of fairness, you consider many of the things I have presented here with respect to the organization behind Moran's character assassination.

Further, it is my hope that you allow his actions to speak for themself, and not allow organizations outside your city to dictate your policies.


Mark Franklin