Inspiring the Will

We, white racists, are the heart of the white race. Not Europe, not America, not man made borders and Boundaries. Burn them all and the white race lives on, because it lives in us. The white race is within all of us and as long as one white man or woman lives, the spirit of our race, our pride and our honour will go on. May all white men and women find the wisdom in their blood to discover right, the will to chose it and the strength to make it endure.

Until the white race shakes free from Jewish tyranny and the *** hordes we are caged in with, our bloods call, hauntingly sad yet full of pride and anger, will continue to cry out and press us on in our fight. We can’t lose hope. No matter how far away, (we have all said it won’t happen in our lifetimes or heard another say it…) victory may seem; we must continue on. Remember Rome wasn’t built in one day; Hitler didn’t gain power in a second. It took hard work and patience.

It will take us a lot of hard work, time, and faith in our own power and will to survive. It is possible. We all must feel this, if we didn’t then we would not fight. We would sit down in a big comfy couch, crack open a beer and watch the Kew tube. Happily unaware of being a slave to the Jews.

We don’t! We will not and cannot! We are in the right. We all know this, we just need other whites to see this. They need to see we are loving people. We need to show them what a colourful and interesting history we have as a race. Get them interested int ehir pasts before you get them interested in our future! That is the key. Encourage your friends to research into their ancestry and their people. Once they see what a rich culture and heritage all white nationalities have they will want to learn more and fall in love with their race. Then and only then should talk of the Jews, immigration and other racial matters be introduced.

Show them that racism is natural, not ‘evil’. Tell them that since they are white today, it is because their ancestors were essentially racist. They lived with and bred exclusively with whites. Show them it is not evil to breed among your own.

Teach them about the media, government and educational systems. Point out that the Jewish control of all these is being used to tell children that their ancestors are not something to be proud of and what they are is not worth preserving.

Prove that we are the inventors and creators, the explorers. We are the builders of civilizations and the conquerors of land. We are nature’s gift to Earth. We are unique on this planet. We are the sole race to move beyond the Stone Age without help. We built great Empires. We invented great tools, medicinies, and other such inventions. We are the philosophers, the artists, the authors, the poets. Point all this out and give your friend something to think about. They may cry racist and run or they may have the will to see the truth of your words.

Inspiring the will within our people to awaken and take up the war for survival and control of our own destiny is the task of all white racists. There is no better way to attain this task then to push pride in our people and its accomplishments.


Liz Lampman