Last Time I were wandering the Net , i stumbled
over the Site
There musicans from celtic, Norse and Folkish
Background present their Songs in mp3 and
wave Format.

There was also a Bard called "Mikal the Ram"
who made a Song about Lokis Fate .

its worth hearing .

Does anyone of you know a artist Heather Alexander ?
she has a´lot of Talent , you have to hear her " March of
Cambreath " really moving !

her website is ( The Site looks a bit
silly, but thats misleading )

I like Traditional Songs and Marches. After all This J**ish crap
they are a real Blessing ! Whats your opinion on this kind
of Music ?

HAIL ! your Utgard-Loki.


Gesell dich einem besseren zu,
lass mit ihm deine Kräfte ringen.
Den wer nicht besser ist als du,
der kann dich auch nicht weiter