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Thread: 'Nazi Gold Train': Will Jewish Greed Never Cease? (News Story)

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    Thumbs Down 'Nazi Gold Train': Will Jewish Greed Never Cease? (News Story)

    Talk about biting the hand the feeds you. This impudence makes me sick.

    $25.5 Million Settlement Reached Over Nazi Gold Train

    45 minutes ago
    U.S. National - Reuters

    MIAMI (Reuters) - Hungarian Holocaust survivors and the U.S. government have reached a $25.5 million settlement proposal in a lawsuit over a trainload of gold, artwork and other property seized by the U.S. Army near the end of World War II, lawyers for the survivors said on Friday.

    Law firm Hagens Berman said in a statement that the proposed settlement, filed with U.S. District Court Judge Patricia Seitz in Miami and subject to her approval, created a $25.5 million settlement fund.

    Both sides announced in December they had agreed to settle the lawsuit against the U.S. government over 24 boxcars filled with up to $200 million in household goods that the owners say was first stolen by the Nazis and then confiscated by U.S. troops.

    The U.S. Justice Department (news - web sites) also announced the settlement in the suit, which was believed to be the first lawsuit against the United States over property stolen by the Nazis. A brief statement by the department did not give details of the agreement.

    The wagons, which became known as the "Gold Train," were packed with gold, jewelry, art, clothing, Oriental rugs and other household goods and religious articles then valued at between $50 million and $200 million. They could be worth 10 times as much now.

    The train was seized by the U.S. Army in Austria in 1945 and the suit said the army falsely classified it as unidentifiable and enemy property, thus avoiding having to return the goods to their rightful owners.

    The class-action suit was brought by Hungarian Jews in Miami and originally sought $10,000 in compensation per plaintiff. Many of the owners of the goods died in Nazi concentration camps during the war, but lawyers estimate that between 30,000 and 50,000 people could still benefit from a deal.

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    Post Re: Will Jewish Greed Never Cease? (News Story)

    This article filled me with disgust. One altruistic gesture, and it bites the US in the ass. You just can't help some people.

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    Post Re: Will Jewish Greed Never Cease? (News Story)

    Not surprising at all, Jews have alot of pull; being the richest "minority" in America, no surprise at all--in fact, I wonder why they pulled this know? Less survivors to disperse funds? I betcha.

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