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Thread: Help me? (2) - Med subtypes

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    Post Re: Help me? (2) - Med subtypes

    Quote Originally Posted by Adélaïde
    Western Med looks cool... Like a vampire!
    If I were a Med I'd be one of them. :bat
    I believe these guys are out of Lundman's Geographische Anthropologie; the pictures of racial types there look all a bit scary, as if they came directly out of the test-tube...
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    Post Re: Help me? (2) - Med subtypes

    This web site showcases videos of Mexico City's upper class, the vast majority of whom are West Mediterranean. Click on the link to see the videos.

    Videogalería EspectáculoswriteList();Televisa Espectaculos Noviembre 2, Televisa Espectáculos octubre 4, 2004
    Televisa espectáculos
    'Prisionera' de Pilar
    Espectaculos octubre 2, 2004Televisa Espectáculos octubre 1, 2004<A href="http://javascript<b></b>:void(null);" target=_blank>Teletón 2004: Unidos por el a
    Entrevista Brozo a
    septiembre 4, 2004Televisa Espectáculos septiembre 3, 2004Televisa Espectáculos Septiembre 2, 2004Televisa Espectaculos Septiembre 1, 2004Summer Sunshine, The CorrsTelevisa agosto Televisa Espectaculos noviembre 1, 2004Televisa Espectaculos Octubre 5

    Can someone post pictures of pics of South or East Mediteraneans?
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    Post Re: Help me? (2) - Med subtypes

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Solar Wolff
    Isn't it amazing how pretty the women are on Latin soaps, no matter the country of origin? They somehow get very beautiful women to act on these.

    My understanding is that there are two types of Meds.

    1. The Atlanto-Med. which is simply another full European, present since glacial times, and usually found in Western Europe.

    2. The Southern Med. who is post-glacial and enterd Europe circa 10,000 years ago with agriculture from the Near East.

    This "understanding" of mine is based on articles in genetics posted or discussed by such people as Euclides and Polak. If I am wrong, it is my fault.
    The Atlanto-Mediterranean type has an affinity to Nordics, though a Mediterranean element is present as well and probably arrived from Iberia during the Mesolithic, instead of with West Asian agriculture during the Neolithic.

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