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Thread: Ethnic Composition of the Tatars

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    Post Ethnic Composition of the Tatars

    I once thought Tatars were a Turkic or Mongoloid ethnic group living in Europe, but when I viewed some pictures of Tatars, many look indistinguishable from Europeans. So does anyone have any factual information on the Tatars (most likely their European features, like those of the Turks were produced from intermingling, and not native to their genetic stock)

    Some pictures: a typical Tatar minority of China

    another shot of Tatars from a Chinese site

    Chinese Tatar Boy:

    Crimean Tatar:

    European (most likely Russian) Tatar:

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    Post Questions on the Volga and Crimean Tatars

    I once thought all Tatars were Turkic looking Armenoids or Mongoloids, but recently I've read tracts on them that the European Tatars (although descended from Turkic tribes) have assilimated genetically with the slavs so much that their asiatic traits are barely distinguishable.

    how much of this can be corroborated?

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