TimeWatch - Defending The Past
TimeWatch is a campaign group dedicated to the preservation of ancient monuments and landscapes.

Our remit is wider than Thornborough, although the protection of Thornborough is our primary mission. We aim to stop all quarrying at Thornborough and to see that the area returns to a peaceful existence.

We aim to ensure that as many people as possible are aware of Thornborough and understand the plight that it faces. Quarrying is destroying vitally important archaeology from this truly remarkable site.

We believe that this is not the way to treat the greatest prehistoric construction between Stonehenge and the Orkneys and we believe that North Yorkshire County Council must ensure that no further destruction be allowed.

We also believe that failings within government, both nationally and locally, have allowed a number of our major monuments to be damaged and destroyed. Without fundamental change this will continue at Thornborough and elsewhere.

TimeWatch has at its core an international base of heritage enthusiasts. We lobby online and offline to spread the word about threats to heritage. We give talks to archaeological societies and other interested groups. We engage with the public as much as possible by hosting displays at county shows and festivals. We believe that the best way of furthering our aims is by friendly persuasion and reasoned argument.

At Thornborough we are pitted against one of the world's largest companies. Tarmac Northern Ltd. is a subsidiary of Anglo American Plc., one of Britain's largest corporations; a mining conglomerate with worldwide interests, whose directors have strong contacts within the corridors of power.

We urge you to join us and help - this is a tragic error of judgement that cannot be allowed to continue. Helping could not be easier, simply join our online forum, email us on http://www.ancienteurope.info/Library/HMTest/Pages/info@timewatch.org or write to us at: TimeWatch, Willow House, Brompton Road, Newton le Willows, North Yorkshire, DL8 1SJ.