Luxembourg American Heritage Information Center
Welcome to the Luxembourg – American home page. The creation of this site has long been discussed and we, the Luxembourg-American community of Chicago, are pleased to present this site to you. Our purpose is to collect, in one site, as many resources devoted to the study of the Luxembourg immigrant experience in America as possible. Here you will find links to many other sites which, both here and in Europe, devote themselves to both recounting and interpreting the many ties which bind the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to the United States of America.

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (the only Grand Duchy in the world) is located in the heart of Western Europe nestled among Belgium, Germany and France. The Grand Duchy has two natural regions: Oesling in the north and Gutland (literally Good Land), which includes the Moselle valley in the east and the Minette coal basin in the south. Forests cover almost 40% of the land. The country covers an area of 2,586 sq. km, 1,758 sq. km of which is in Gutland and the remaining 828 sq. km in Oesling. Its total population in January 2004 was 462,690.

If you have a web site dedicated to historical, genealogical, commercial, educational, artistic or political themes connected with the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg or the Luxembourg immigration to America, please contact us so that we may add your site address to ours. We look forward to collaborating with all who have an interest in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and its American descendants.