"My favorite 'genre' is neoclassical music: music which upholds the ideals of ancient civilizations in art, something that is manifested in narrative melodic motif-based composition in which composition is advanced through strings or keyboards as primary instrument, with vocals and percussion secondary, in inverse proportion to pop music.

This 'genre' is stretched over several genres, mostly ambient (Kraftwerk, Autechre), noise/cosmic (K.K.Null, Tangerine Dream, Neptune Towers), and metal (Burzum, Immortal, Enslaved, Demilich)."



"I didn't want myself to be in the center of the music anymore...What I was starting to get interested in was not the figure, but the landscape behind the figure. I found the figure more and more of a problem, because it's like with a painting. If you have a picture of a landscape, you look at that and your eye moves freely over the landscape. If you put a human figure in there, even if it's a tiny little one, it becomes the center of your attention. It's very difficult to ignore that, you know, because humans relate to other humans. With music that became a problem, because as long as I was in the center of the picture it made you as a listener outside of the picture. If I took myself out of that picture, it left an open field…which invited you in."
- Brian Eno, Ambient Musician, In an Interview


Neoclassical music is a modern revival of ancient Indo-European values in sonic art, namely those of heroism and naturalism and a Romanticist passion for life without the absolutism bestowed upon both "Romantic" and "Neoclassical" movements during the occupation of the West by moral absolutist beliefs. It is a spirit and concept behind many different forms of art and not a genre in and of itself.

Neoclassical Music Hub was formed when many of us realized the limitations of genre were artificially imposed by marketing requirements of the current time, and that by looking at history, we could find the common roots of the different musics we adore in certain beliefs that are not coincidentally central to our culture and its unique way of viewing the world. Neoclassical music is a new concept in this context, and you will not find the path easy if you don't use your ability to think and lead yourself.

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