[This thread began as a side-issue in the "Australian Nationalism Information Database" thread. I have put together my comments/views on this issue here (from the original thread, and a bit more), for the interest of both Republicans and Monarchists.]

The republican tradition is a strong part of the Nationalist tradition in Australia. In fact, the republican nationalists are true nationalists, as those who support Australia being under a British monarchy are closer to being something like Empire Loyalists (i.e. internationalists, re. the British Empire).

There's nothing wrong with being a republican White Nationalist. Just ask our American comrades. I doubt that they all want to put the British Monarchy back in charge. In fact, all proud White Nationalists in Australia should be republicans.

Don't confuse Nationalist republicanism with voting for the Establishment's proposed republic - an item that was supported by the Labor Party and by large elements of the Liberal Party. It was a vote for a multiculturalist republic, and that is why it was voted against by all the republican WNs I know.

To put it another way: I, and all the republican White Nationalists that I know, voted against the proposed republic, because we believe that, in a multiculturalist republic, things would become more stridently multiculturalist and multiracialist, and become more anti-White Australia. Apparently, the preamble to the proposed multiculturalist constitution even included a reference to the desirability of a multiculturalist society.

I believe that what Australia needs is a White Australian Republic, a Nationalist country based upon a White Nationalist ideology. I believe that Nationalism in Australia is republicanism. How can loyalty, even if "in name only", to an overseas Monarchy be loyalty to our nation? Answer: It can't; it can be loyalty to a British/Empire/Commonwealth Australia, but not to the Australian Nation itself.

Besides which, the British Monarchy has become multiracialist, and no White Nationalist should be a loyal follower of the multiracialist Queen Elizabeth, the multiracialist next King (Charles), or any other multiracialist monarchs that may follow. They are all traitors to their own people.