Indian Brahmin Genetically Similar To Europeans

Caste Differences In India Marked, Genetic Study Shows

Salt Lake City, Utah --

Indian caste shows link to Europeans

A study has shown that people in higher ranks of the Indian caste system are more closely related to Europeans than Asians.

Experts now believe Europeans moved into India about 5,000 years ago, helped put the caste system in place and put themselves at the top.

The genetic differences between social levels are still clear because inter-caste marriages are frowned upon in Indian culture.

Researchers at the University of Utah looked at the genes of 265 Indian men of different castes and compared them with 750 samples from elsewhere in the world.

The study, published in Genome Research, even found differences between DNA inherited through the female and the male lines.

Whereas the male DNA was similar to Europeans the female DNA was closer to other Asian samples.

This supports the idea that most of the early European immigrants who adopted senior positions in the caste system were male.

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