_Were the Pharaohs Blond?

I thought this article had been lost from the Internet. It is claimed that once something is posted anywhere on the Internet, it lasts forever. This makes me think it might be true.
It is amazing that it was found on a Rastafarian web site! Maybe they are close to God somehow, just like they claim.
The author used a pseudonymn.

He originally wrote a brilliant article called Nordics in Egypt. It was a documentation of Nordic domination of Egypt from prehistoric times to the 1970s. The editor of the Barnes Review chopped off the last half of the article. It was quite interesting as it discussed various little-known rulers of Egypt, such as the red-haired Al-Aziz, who ruled around 1000 AD, the Mamulukes, who were blond slave boys brought from Russia and the Balkans who rose up to rule the Middle East, the blond Sultans of the Ottoman Empire, and the Albanian Dynasty, which included the redhaired king who built the Suez Canal and the blue-eyed King Farouk, the last king of Egypt.
The editor butchered the article and stupid mad changes.

The original article came with pictures of blonds and redheads from ancient and more recent Egypt.

But in spite of all that, it's really a great article to have back.

Were the Pharaohs Blond?


Since that article was written, an expert on hair, Dr. Joann Fletcher has carefully studied ancient Egyptian hair and concluded that, without any doubt, it was mostly Caucasoid, and often naturally red or blond.

_Scientific Proof of Redheads and Blonds in Egypt

I have done extensive research on how Nordics founded Egyptian civilization. Once, I read an article about Dr. Joann Fletcher, an expert on human hair at the University of Manchester. She examined ancient Egyptian hair under the microscope and with chemical analysis. She determined without any doubt that there were natural blonds and redheads with Nordic hair form in ancient Egypt.

I emailed her about my own research. Egyptian is a Hamitic language. The Hamites were a blond Cro-Magnoid people who spread across north Africa from Egypt to the Canary Islands. The language of the blond Libyans was Hamitic. Berber is Hamitic. The Guanche language of the blonds of the Canary Islands was Hamitic. I told her about Thorburn Heyerdahl, who had written about ancient redheads who had founded civilizations from Egypt to Mexico to Peru to Easter Island. He wrote of how the redhaired mummies of the Canary Islands were accompanied by small pyramids of Egyptian type. I assumed she ignored my email and I forgot about it.

Some time later I was watching a television program about pyramids and mummies. There was a woman with red hair, which looked dyed, together with Thorburn Heyerdahl exploring the pyraminds and mummies of the Canary Islands. The woman was Joann Fletcher! They also explored ruins in Algeria and Egypt.

Dr. Fletcher will soon publish a book on the subject of hair. I look forward to reading it.

I recently discovered a post by Dr. Fletcher. She explains to some Black Nationalists about how there is no doubt that even in Nubia, the pharoahs included blond white people. She includes an impressive bibliography on the subject of hair and pigmentation.

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