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Thread: Keep Skadi Alive and Growing: Skadi Funding Membership!

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    Exclamation Keep Skadi Alive and Growing: Skadi Funding Membership!

    Keep Skadi Alive and Growing!

    Skadi is an online community for and by people of Germanic heritage. It's not a business, no-one receives a salary, and our work is supported by voluntary contributions. These are used for sustaining and upgrading hardware and software and monthly Internet bandwidth charges. Any possible surplus is donated to charitable projects and non-profit initiatives dedicated and relevant to the preservation of Germanics, their culture, their heritage and their ethnic rights world-wide.

    Skadi Forum is visited by thousands of people each day. Access is completely free of charge. If, however, you find Skadi Forum to be an important part of your life, you should contribute.

    We would need, in particular, regular monthly contributions. If you believe this board is important, consider sending USD 10.00 or whatever you can afford every month.

    You can donate the following ways:

    1. Credit Card or PayPal:

    To donate by Credit Card or PayPal, please click here.

    Please also contact us after you made your donation, so that we can link it to your nickname.

    2. Cash:

    You can send cash in an envelope to the following address:

    PMB #257
    417 Associated Rd.
    Brea, CA 92821

    Please send US dollars only and include the account number #399928 or the money cannot be credited to our account.

    Please also contact us after you made your donation, so that we can link it to your nickname.

    3. Bitcoin:

    To donate by Bitcoin, please click here. Or donate directly by using the QR code or bitcoin address beneath:

    Bitcoin Address:

    Please also contact us after you made your donation, so that we can link it to your nickname.

    Funding Member Benefits:

    We want to thank you for your support, and thus grant a few benefits to funding members who donated at least USD 10.00. Please keep in mind that whatever you can afford to send us is a donation. While we try to give you something in return, whatever is offered here is equally a donation from us to you. There is no contract, we don't promise anything, we don't guarantee anything. Everything that's offered here depends on server and resource availability, software configuration as well as security issues and is subject to change at any time without notice.

    Skadi is not a capitalist enterprise and we want to acknowledge everyone who was willing to show at least some support. We do this, because we are proud of you that you cared enough to do a few mouse clicks or to walk to the post office.

    Nobody will ever know if you sent USD 10.00 or USD 100.00. Whether you donated only once or whether you make regular donations. There are wealthy people and there are not-so-wealthy people and we'd like to thank them all. With your donation of at least USD 10.00 (or the corresponding amount in another currency) you will receive the following things:

    1. Funding Member title:
    You will be acknowledged as a Funding Member by being officially appointed to the highly demanded „Friend of Germanics”.

    2. Custom User title:
    You will be able to change your user title to describe your pseudonym, character, mood, or orientation better. You can put there whatever you like as long as it's rule compliant. The user title is the title directly under your nickname in the postbit that usually reads "Junior Member," "Member," or "Senior Member." You will even be able to use colors and HTML -- within the borders of fair use, of course.

    3. Access to the Funding Member forum:
    Skadi has its own virtual Country Club for sustaining members. That's where we post additional information of relevance to funding members, and where such members bitch about you without that you would know.

    4. Usage of Natural Language and Boolean search:
    Did you ever have the problem not to find a post or some information you have been looking for? That might be because Skadi Forum's standard search just lists what you enter. Not more and not less. It's difficult to exclude posts that contain not quite what you are you looking for, or to include posts with a similar content than the search term expresses. As a funding member you will be able to do a Boolean and Natural Language search.

    5. Additional Private Message Options:
    We will increase your PM storage limit to 1500 messages. You will be able to use message tracking and see whether your friend has read your message already and when. You will also be able to avoid to be tracked by denying all PM receipt requests. Plus, you can send carbon copies to 50 people with every message.

    6. View Members' Forum Location in Who is Online:
    Ever wondered what your friends are currently doing on Skadi? As a funding member you will be able to see what members and guests that are online are currently doing. You will see what threads they are reading or if they are playing in the Arcade. If they are posting or reading private messages. Nobody that had it, ever wanted to miss this feature again.

    7. Invisible Mode:
    Disappear completely from the eyes of other members. You will see them but they won't see you. Nobody will know that you entered the forum or what you are doing.

    8. Animated avatars and profile pictures:
    If you want, you can upload animated avatars, and, yes, animated profile pictures, too.

    9. Additional reputation options:
    Hide your reputation points and give negative reputation comments to people who deserve them.

    10. Profile Privacy:
    As a funding member, you can choose to display various profile entries only to members on your friends list.

    11. Profile Customization:
    As a funding member, you will be able to edit the design and styling of your public profile page according to your liking. You can adjust the color scheme, fonts, borders, background and layout of elements on the page.

    12. Priority Support:
    As a funding member, you will enjoy priority support and help with all issues you might have on our forum.

    Your funding membership will remain active for as little as USD 10.00 every year.
    (Edit: 2020)

    Those who donate more than USD 100.00 per year will receive special acknowledgement on the forum home, next to the donation bar.
    (Edit: 2020)

    Thank you for supporting Skadi Forum!

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