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Thread: Decent WWII Computer Games

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    Post Decent WWII Computer Games

    Anyone here know of a decent World War II computer game?
    I enjoy Panzer General II, but I'd like a game where there are Swastikas instead of Iron Crosses eyes:

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    I enjoy killing yankees on Medal of Honor: AA (online).
    Wolfenstein (muliplayer) I did like but no anymore.
    Both of those Game's single player sucks. Basically because you play a yank and germans are demonised.

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    aye, I'm still looking for a game that allows you to play the Germans uncrucified.

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    Hearts of Iron (upcoming game from paradox entertainment) and also SuSt (which you know ) and soon Blitzkrieg.... dont know any FPS though....

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    Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault and Frontline are wicked good.
    Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a awesome game too.

    I heard that Panzer General II was a good game, i dont play it but my brother played it alot.

    Has anyone played Battlefield 1942? i tried to play the single player demo but i was lagged out wicked bad.

    if u can think of any other games, post em up, i wanna play them.

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    I play WWII ONLINE: BLITZKRIEG alot. One year veteran of it.

    The Allies have it better than the Axis does though.... And of course, there are no Swastikas, only +'s. Like WWI style.

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    Half-life has a mod called "day of defeat"'s a teamplay and looks halfway decent, if you're into first-person shooters...

    (this one has screenshots, the other (below) doesn't seem to work)

    Both the Axis and Allies have their own multi-player commands, with all the typical close-combat commentary like 'taking fire, need assistance' and 'all clear on the left flank'. A really nice touch that adds to the authenticity of the gaming experience is that the Axis commands are in German. There's nothing quite as fear inspiring as being down to your last clip of ammo and hearing German voices echoing through a bombed-out courtyard as they approach your last flag. The other sound effects are no less effective. The blast of a fragmentation grenade ringing in your ears, and the trickle of stone chips that rains down after it bring the peril of your situation to the forefront of your mind. The report of the 50-calibre gun emplacement sweeping through an alleyway pounds in your chest, drowning out even your wild heartbeat. The whistle of incoming artillery rounds is a bittersweet warning of the death soon to follow.
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    yes ive heard of DoD. I even play it. But i was talking more about games themseleves and not modifications.

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    Mortyr has a lot of svastikas...
    although you have to play against the Germans, the idea behind the game is that the Nazis won World War II (YEAH!) and you have to go to the year 2203 to try and defeat them in the future..SMARTASS

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    that mortyr game sounds wierd and even though dod is a mod i think it is awesome because i would rather play with real people than single player crap it just seems more human instead of haveing to do stuff that has a certain path on what everything happens with online stuff with humans you never know what the opponent is gonna do

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